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We all are human so that means we LOVE to eat. We like all sort of foods of all different cultures. If you could eat a BIG meal of the food of your dreams, what would they be? Here is mine: a huge bowl of fancy Japanese meaty Pho soup with a side of giant crab legs (specifically Alaskan) that comes with a Hispanic style baked potato. For dessert: a huge plate of French flan with caramel sauce on it with a side of German chocolate mousse cake.


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I would want gooood fries (not your typical fast food fries) and some matcha bubble tea. Might sound like a weird combo, but it's the two things I crave the most haha.
Dessert would have to be ebelskivers with lingonberry filling. Technically a breakfast food, but the heart wants what it wants.

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I'm in the mood for a 7 oz medium rare steak, a side of fresh steamed broccoli, a side of freshly made mashed potatoes for a meal, a strawberry banana smoothie (with no added sugar) for a beverage, and a slice of lemon merengue pie for dessert.
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They only seem to sell them frozen in supermarkets, but seafood are rarely good frozen. I haven't seen them in wet market arcoss Toronto.


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and these too XD