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Your Emoticon Habits


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After spending some time on the internet, it's pretty obvious to all of us that different people are fond of using different sorts of emoticons, whereas some people dislike them altogether.
Which emoticons do you use quite often, and does the usage vary from place to place on the internet?

Personally, I tend to use :D, D:, XD, :L, :V, and :3 more commonly than most others but I tend to use them sparingly and not go overkill. To me, an emoticon is a tool used to change the tone of a message that would otherwise be misunderstood or to enhance the tone of my messages.

When text chatting to some furries, I've seen a much more frequent use of things like :3, ^^, >w<, and ;-; than I have done anywhere else, so I suppose I'm also a bit interested to see how true this is.
So without further ado, what are your emoticon habits?


I use :D :> :V XD ;) :S :/ >.> and 0.o most. Usually only when I am playing mmo's.

I had never seen the :V face til I started using these forums.

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I use xD sometimes to express amusement (But less so recently) and :p or :V (sometimes lol) to make sure people know I am being snide/sarcastic/playfully teasing.

I find emoticons used in any way but sparingly rather juvinile, with the occasional exception of having quirky couple text moments, I see it as negitive.


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At first I was one on the side of the "no emoticons"... But without noticing I tennded to use them more and more, to the point people can take it quite badly if I don't use them, like I'm not currently happy or whatnot... Starting to use them less, but my usual suspects are ^^ ; :D and ♪ (the last one being used when I think I'm doing a snarky remark or being sarcastic.


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^.v.^ (happy sergal).

I prefer to use the = sign instead of : most of the time now. I'll often use =P to give the impression that I'm smiling when I say what I've said, and D= is for mildly bad news.


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i used to hate them soooo much but now i love em! as long as they dont get coverted into actual animated/draw ones....


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For here. Because there is so much of it. These: :V >:V >:U :U :'( >:3

For other networks. These: ❤ :) XD X3 ^w^ O3O o3o ^3^ .////. o////o O////O o_O :I >////< :') ^////^ >.> >.< O_O
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^^ and/or ^^;
>_> and/or >>
:3 and/or :3c
:V and/or >:V
>:3 and/or >:3c and/or }:3c
;~; and/or T^T and/or ;A; and/or T_T

there's some others but I can't think of any right now


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I mainly use these:
:3, >:3, :9, : D, :V, XD, :c, :C, >: D, >:O


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I use ;) and :p a lot, because I make many dirty jokes. Also, :L and ^^ for happiness


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I'm kind of embarrassed by my emoticon usage... I use them almost in place of punctuation these days >_<;

I use a lot of ^-^* and XD and ;-; and :/ and TT-TT ... also :3 / x3 ... sometimes a little upside down face .-. or ^^; or DX

o.o basically all of the simple text ones


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I tend to use the ones I picked up on here the most:


Then :p and XD when needed.

Depending on where I am, I sometimes abuse them.