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Your favorite boss


We all have bosses we love to fight. What are yours?


the eight Phases from .hack.
Even though only a few of them were tough, the BGM and overall gameplay was more than enough fun for me

Clockwerk (Sly Cooper 1&2) Come on. A giant fucking metal bird that shoots lasers

Ansem (KH1) murr murr submit

whatever the fuck that thing was at the end of Dead Space. I don't need an explanation for this one


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Ridley is the biggest badass I can think of. You kill him once, and his response is more or less "fuck you I'm a cyborg". You kill him again, "Fuck you I'm a mutant cyborg". Hard to believe that he used to be a Furby.


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Ansem (KH1) murr murr submit

I counted how many times he said Darkness once while fighting him. 57. (YMMV depending on how fast you beat him, lol)

My favorites:

- LUCA "MOTHAFUCKIN'" BLIGHT from Suikoden 2. You want a bad ass, there he is. Send THREE parties of six after him, he doesn't die. Duel with the main character after? Still doesn't die. Bombard him with arrows after THAT? He'll just crawl up a hill to spite you.

- Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time was always my favorite boss. He's just so cool-looking!

- Gilgamesh and Enkidu from Final Fantasy V. Probably just for his character. "Ladies and gentleman! And ladies dressed as gentleman!"


I counted how many times he said Darkness once while fighting him. 57. (YMMV depending on how fast you beat him, lol)


I forgot:

Cubia (dothack) Fuck yes, it caused [The World] to crash with just it's voice. And you can't even really kill it

Yami (Okami) So much fun pummeling an evil fetal dolphin X3

The Pope (Devil May Cry 4) Come one, it's THE POPE.


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I can't seem to think of many favorite boss villains. I have favorite games, but they seem devoid of cool boss-ness. Neff from Altered Beast holds a special place in my heart though. I kind of wish they'd do a remake of that game (I pretend the current remakes don't exist).

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Olga Flow, PSO ep. 2, hurray for one hit kills for even folks at level 200 on ulitmate


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Why has no-one mentioned Kefka?


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Demon Wall from FF4, simply because I defeated it on the last turn possible and it was intense.
Hizagshizawa from The World Ends With You. TIME FOR A TASTE TEST!
Minamimoto from TWEWY, again because of his dialogue. Sine! Cosine! TANGENT!
Xan Kreigor from Unreal Tournament. He was using something more difficult than the highest AI setting, he always had the invisibility pickup, and was ultimately really annoying. But damned if he wasn't cool.


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Why has no-one mentioned Kefka?
That was a pretty epic fight, though I tend to consider them two seperate fights, 1 for the crazy tree of dead magic gods, and one for Kefka himself, who, while being pretty much the best FF villian, pretty much threw that fight and presented zero challenge.

My favorite vote goes to Mother Brain in Super Metroid. That fight scared the shit out of me as a child.


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oh oh totally forgot the Mother games! Giygas in EB and Masked Man in M3. Gosh did M3 throw me for a loop.

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The last boss in ikaruga. All you could do is dodge and change polarities a few million times.
Air diver last boss. Low on fuel and ammo you had to take him out with a radar that only made a blip of him every few seconds.

Lost Odyssey the optional Killalon boss. Had to fight this thing with as low hp as possible to have a good chance to win.


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The final boss in Lost Odyssey. Loved the battle music, it was so epic. Really gets the blood going.
Illidan in World of Warcraft. Just epic on so many levels. Beating him meant so much to me.


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Arch-demon from Dragon Age

That shit was epic... or.... hm....

Hazama from Blazblue, on hell Difficulty....THAT SHIT IS HARD D:


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The Master from Fallout.
It's that you can fight him, or do it solely via speech in a plausible manner, isn't it?

Also, Dagoth Ur for me.


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