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Your favorite candy?


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I hear Americans don't have this. You guys are missing out.

Americans don't have something coffee-related? That seems wrong, somehow.


I would literally DIE for Sour Skittles. I just ate like 2 boxes right now because they're my one and only weakness!

I'm also a huge M&M person as well, I lived off the entire summer with a 2 pound bag of M&Ms


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Skittles gum.

Too bad they don't sell it anymore. It was amazing while it lasted.

But Laffy Taffy is my favorite candy that exists


Plain milk chocolate is usually my go-to, particularly Dove brand (I believe it's called Galaxy brand for you Europeans). I like a good Twix or Kit-Kat from time to time, just depends on my cravings at the moment. Peanut M&Ms are also acceptable, but peanuts in general annoy me the way they stick in my teeth so that alone puts them lower on the list. I don't like plain M&Ms, though the minis are ok.

I really love sour chewy candies of any form. Not so much with hard ones, but they're ok too.


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Americans don't have something coffee-related? That seems wrong, somehow.

I'm from America and I've had coffee flavored candy.

But to answer the original post, I tend to love reeses peanut butter cups. I also love Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles. But I'll eat almost anything chocolate, almost.

Now for some non-chocolate stuff, I do like butterscotch candies, and peppermint around Christmas time.


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We have coffee flavored toffee. I think it's a flavor or Werther's candy? They usually have pretty good toffees and caramels.

My favorite candy is Three Musketeers. :3 Oh, and gummy worms.