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Your favorite game that no one's heard of


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Four of each!

-F-22 Total Air War
-Phobia III: Edge of Humanity (free)
-Jetfighter III: Platinum Edition (DOS)
-Soldat (free)

-Journey to Silius
-Godzilla 2
-Tetrastar - The Fighter (J)

Sega Master System: (I could probably name anything for this one)
-Gain Ground
-Gangster Town
-Phantasy Star

-Thunderforce 4 / Lightening Force
-Phantasy Star 4 (who's -really- played these awesome pre-PSO games?)
-Road Rash 3

-Seiken Densetsu 3 (J)
-Rudora no Hihou (J)
-UN Squadron
-Out of This World / Another World

TurboGrafx 16 (2):
-Dracula X: Chi no Rondo
-Aero Blasters

MSX (2):
-Metal Gear 2
-Vampire Killer


Shining Force 2 on genesis (seriously no one must know about it if sega keeps releasing that POS that started the series)
LOVED that game. Especially the music... Funny you should mention it, because today I randomly recorded a MIDI of the overworld theme that I found a while back with a soundfont I've been tinkering with for a while. It's rough but sounds good. =D
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TranzAndri and Co.

DJs Of Souls
Hate to break the news, Runefox, but tons of people I know have played, beaten, butchered, and worshiped Seiken Densetsu 3. After all, it's the logical continuation of the Secret of Mana thoughtline, and you can't pass that up. ^_^


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Yeah, but it is still rather obscure. Fans of the series would snatch it up, but most people wouldn't have heard of it at all. For that matter, I've played Front Mission: Gun Hazard, mentioned on page 2, and rather like it, and so have a good few of the people I know.

I guess a better game to have mentioned instead of SD3 would have been Shin Megami Tensei or Shin Megami Tensei 2...

Wontoon Kangaroo

That Cartoon Kangaroo
Claymates (SNES)
What can I say about this game? That game was cute, the Globmeister form was my favorite. Of course, not much love was given to this excellent playformer. The even better part was the Bonus Stages, which were flippin' AWESOME. The levels were varied, and the puzzles in the overworld were cool.

Kingsley's Adventure (PS1)
Another favorite of mine, but hidden behind the brilliants of that era. Sure, the control was a little stiff but if you ignore that the game is actually quite fun. The story is funny and imaginative (though rough at first).

Sonic: The Fighters/ Sonic Championship (Sega AM2 Arcade Machine, Gamecube)
Yeah, Screwattack named this as one of the top five WORST Sonic games (Number 4). I don't agree. I actually enjoyed the game despite you being able to "beat the game by only pressing one button".

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn, Genesis, PC)
So yeah, another apparently horrible Sonic game ranking number five on Screwattacks Top 5 Worst Sonic Games. But ignore that. Ignore the fact that Sonic is supposed to be fast enough to be blazing through levels and you got yourself a nice action game. I had little problems with the game, honestly.

Sonic Labrynth (Game Gear)
Another Sonic game I actually managed to enjoy, but named as the second Worst Sonic Game of All Time by Screwattack. Unlike 3D blast, Sonic can't jump and is a little slower, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it. Okay, I never beat it but somehow I liked it. Go figure. :)

Rolan's Curse (Game Boy)
Another fun game I managed to enjoy but can barely remember much of. Yeah, it's no Zelda but man was it fun while I had my Game Boy Color.

Skunny 32 Bit (DOS)
Another obscure game. It involved a squirrel who went through levels Donkey-Kong style! The platforming was great, but what really made it shine was its level editor, since you was able to make full levels and make custom world maps. See, why can't we have that kind of feature in today's games? Well, there's Halo 3's Forge and Super Smash Bros Brawl's Stage Editor but I can say that Brawl's Stage Editor is very lacking compared to Skunny's level editor (And I never played Halo 3, so I can't say anything about that editor).

Radical Rex (SNES, Genesis)
The SNES version was meh, but the Genesis version was love. What did the Genesis version have? The villain was a cartoon furry weasel with magical powers (In the SNES version, it was a human wizard), the sountrack was a heck of a lot better, the graphics I found very cool, and I just loved the game. Yeah, Sonic The Hedgehog buried this game into obscurity so I can see why not many played or mentioned the game.

Sword of Mana (GBA)
So everyone hated the game. I loved it! Yeah, the attack system was very different from the original Final Fantasy Adventure, which for some reason frustrated gamers. I didn't see anything wrong with it. The only thing that made me grind my teeth was the final area in both the remake and the original--you enter it, but you can't leave it. I really hate that.

Magical Cat Adventure (Arcade)
An arcade game just lost in the plethora of games like King of Fighters and Street Fighter, this was a simple platforming game. The bosses were hard, but the game rocked.

Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)
I'm amazed that this one never was mentioned as often as it should. Solid platformer, great adventure, loved the game--even if I never beat the last boss. Not to mention that the game's characters has been inspiration for some of my works and character designs in the past. And I so loved the fat pirate flying squirrels. Oh, and the main character was a cat in a set of overalls. Fun game.

Well, that's my list of games!
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The Noble Raptor
Alien 3 (SNES version) - I used to love that game it was a lot of fun. Then again I'm a huge alien fan so maybe I was biased.... still I never heard of it from anybody

Rock N Roll Racing (SNES) - Again never heard of it mentioned anywhere. Fun racing combat game in the style of RC pro Am

Toejam and Earl (Genesis) - I know it came out on Wii Virtual Console but I never hear anybody ever mention it. Was one of my favorite genesis games I remember playing with my family way back in the day.

Contra 4 (DS) - Contra is my all time favorite side scrolling shooter series bar none. Sure everything between 3 and 4 sucked but 4 was a great game. It goes back to its roots. Sure it is almost a rehash but the old style is when contra was its best.


Alundra (PS1)
Terranigma (SNES)

Not sure if these count...

EarthBound (SNES)
Killer7 (Gamecube)
Shin Megami Tensei (SNES version)

Then there are the open-source and otherwise non-commercial PC game I play...do they count?

Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero with a keyboard, baby...and you can import ANY song into it, given a decent audio editor and basic reading comprehensioin)
Jooleem (a puzzle game that I'm actually GOOD at...what're the odds?)
Abuse: It's kinda like that one game online whose name I cannot remember for the life of me...you move around with the arrow keys, and shoot things with various guns using the mouse.

Hmm...there were a couple more, but I forgot them...


Only a Book Smart Nerd
I am enjoying and being addictive to the new PixelJunk Eden demo.

Urban Wolf

I can hat!
The Neverhood (underappreciated claymation adventure)
Killer 7 (GCN action, awesom!)
Monkey Island series (seems forgotten....)


New Member
Virtual-On PC - underappreciated 1v1 third person robot fighting game (2v2 in marz)

Exteel - like virtual-on/armored core, but 16 players

C21-Online - like a chibi version of the above, but is an mmo...stupidly addictive

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds(2097 too, but i think that's quite a bit more known) - sequel to 2097, one of the best (and only..?) pc fighters ever created...took the well known bots, added others, and made it into a 3rd person hazard filled 16 player smashfest. fun and somewhat deep, but since nobody knows about it, there are rarely any servers hosted.. (SOMEONE JOIN ME. XD)

(wow, alot of giant robot games...seem to be the least known...)

hmnnn. now for less nutshelling..

Dinorun - you...are a raptor. and...dinosaurs are going extinct...okay....but the thing is..you're there...WHEN IT'S HAPPENING. you're literally running from the big impact, among smaller ones along the way.. if ever you need motivation to run like hell? try a wall of EARTH smothering everything in its path from the explosive impact of dinosaur ending awesome XD your goal in each level is to ofcourse make it to safety, usually in an underground cave. there's online multiplayer, by the way :V

...ill add more to this list later XD


New Member
1) Command & Conquer Renagade
2) Command & Conquer Generals (mega RTS fan)
3) Medal of Honor European Assault
4) Godzila, Destroy all Monsters
5) Resident Evil 0-2 (none of my friends have gamecubes)
6) Costom Robo


New Member
Well, either I'm the one in the dark about it being more known than I think it is, or I win. ;p A few peopl ehave mentioned the third game in the series for the PS2, Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, but no one has yet to mention my favorite: Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PSX. *Hugs his copy of the delightful game*

Lessee.. Obscure games that I love beyond SO2...
-Culdcept (Dreamcast and PS2) Yeah, it got a sequel for the 360 but far as I know no one really knows of the first.
-Kengo: Master of Bushido (PS2)
-Way of the Samurai (PS2)
-Steambot Chronicles (PS2)
-Mario Picross (GB)
-Mad Maestro (PS2)
-Azure Dreams (PSX) Though I'll admit it may simply be ignorance on my part towards other people, but I don't think many have heard of it.
And finally, I utterly dislike this game but I'll throw it in anyway. Zoop (SNES).


Gaming Lynx
motorboat simulator 1(mbs1)
VBS1 (operation flashpoint)
virtual sailor 7
screamer 4x4
virtual rc
pro bassfishing 2003
flw bass tournment 2000
ship simulator 2008
google flight simulator
Jungo! An odd puzzle game that gets ludicrously hard halfway through! Randomly saw it in a Microcenter ad and, well, it has an anthro cheetah on the front, so...

According to its GameFAQs board, yeah, I'd say no one's ever heard of it. Ever.


aka SpecOpsBear
I really liked a game called Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit outside of America). It was short and had a bad ending, but the gameplay was a great first step on revolutionizing the adventure genre. Too bad nobody else took the second step. >.<

I also enjoyed an Xbox game called Phantom Dust, which was basically a mature CCG-styled game with a post-apocalyptic story. It's too bad the online play never took off, but the story was decent.


Adeptus Astartes
MS Sagas A New Dawn :eek:

Everyone hated that game. It got one of the worst ratings of a game I've seen in a long time. But I absolutely loved it. Loved the customization. But unfortunately...its horrible reviews and outlook in both japan and the US killed any hopes of a 2nd game :< I was so looking forward to that too. :/


Remembered a few I'd forgotten...

--Point-and-click adventures--
Beneath a Steel Sky
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Space Quest IV + VI (V was a sellout game...)

Endgame: Singularity (though it always crashes on my machine...which makes sense, I suppose, since you play as an AI trying to take over the world...fitting, ya?)

Comix Zone (so what if the plot was a little ridiculous? Remember the title =P)

Phantasy Star series (the REAL ones, not the MMO crap...)


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
Darwinia. Awesome game, bad sequel.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
Yeah, It's called multiwinia. I can't figure out how the doctor (Dr.Sepulveda) goes from trying to protect these things to letting them become violent and blowing the crap out of each other. I still hate watching my darwinians fighting the red darwinians!


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Yeah, It's called multiwinia.
That's not really a proper sequel. It's sorta like what Epic did for Unreal 2's multiplayer bit.


thinks Jesus was a comedian.


Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak- The little hampsters were really cute and made me think of something other than killing.

Any of the Mario Party series for the Nintendo GameCube.

And personally, I don't see what's so great about the Kingdom Heart's series. I admire the creativity they have by infusing old classic cartoon characters with new ones. But it seems like most of time spent on it is nothing but movie, and less of it gameplay.

i have that hamtaro game on a rom and yes it is the cutest game i have seen