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Your favorite game that no one's heard of


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Want to give a shoutout right now to 999: Zero Escape and Virtue's Last Reward. If you've never played it before, the games are essentially a visual novel series with some light puzzles. Each game has a very basic premise: 9 people are trapped in a deathtrap situation and must assist each other in getting to the end and surviving. Of course, terrible stuff happens, old drama comes out, conspiracy plots, and people start getting murdered.

The interesting thing with this though is that the games are meant to be played multiple times and have SEVERAL different endings. In fact, you actually need to get a game over at times just in order to gain pertinent information you otherwise wouldn't have (the game does have a meta explanation for this as well). The writing is sharp, the themes really well-executed, and the finales are gutwrenching and fantastic.

The nice thing is, the designers smartly implemented the feature to fastforward dialogue to conversation choices and do other things to speed up repeat plays.

You can pick up 999 on DS and Virtue's Last Reward, it's direct sequel (play 999 first!) on 3DS or Vita. I also believe 999 is on iOS and I think​ the sequel might be as well.



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Anyone every heard of Take no Prisoners and BattleZone 1998? now that I remember, I want to play it again. Also X-Men Legends 2, I of the Dragon.
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Okami, my friends doesn't know much about it D:
Also Touhou, a very dear friend to me knows about it, but she only like the characters and the fans created histories, not the game at all D:


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okami is very well known same with touhou, but most people have played maybe one of the actual shooters and are pretty much just fans of the fanbase

Yeah, I know there are many people who knows it, but I mean around my friends.
Is like:
-"Hey! Have you played Okami"
-Nothing... Have you played GTA?
-Oh God! I love that game.

And the same goes for Touhou, I actually have somebody with talk about it, but only about the fan made things...


Lost in the Static
Growtopia is one of the few mobile games I actually play. It's kind of a sidescrolling building platformer MMO thingy, and it has been live since January 2013. There are lots of cool player-created worlds worth exploring, and the developers are constantly updating and improving the game. Check it out. You won't regret it.


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I'm surprised Neopets: The Darkest Faerie wasn't posted yet since it's technically furry.

Cave Story, Tactics Ogre, and the Drakengard series are also criminally underrated.

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Ace combat6 fires of liberation