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Your favorite game that no one's heard of


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Amen and what about it's PS2 Sequel.

Let's not forget another game square made Ehergeiz.

See, the reason most people don't remember Samurai Legend Musashi is because it was pretty lame and half-assed compared to BFM.

Ehergiez, on the other hand, was pretty good despite all the FF7 fan wank stuff that slipped in.


Here's some really obscure favorites:

Castle of the Winds
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia
The Adventures of Hyperman
Spelling Blizzard

and there was this one computer game at my relative's house that was some monochromatic platform game... Argh! I wish I could remember what it was called!

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The only titles I can think of at the moment are "D2" and "Shadow of the Beast".

Reasons D2 didn't do well in my opinion are, 1) it was a Dreamcast only title and 2) it seriously tried to be too many things all in one. I mean it was an Adventure game with RPG elements, battles were done via a first-person perspective, had puzzle elements on occasion, and hunting added in for good measure. Even with the eclectic gameplay I still found this game to be very enjoyable.

Shadow of the Beast I don't have a fucking clue why I like it. I believe it's the story because it sure ain't the gameplay (depends on what version you play). It's your basic "run & punch" game. Good fun in short bursts but highly aggravating difficulty makes it impossible to beat unless it's the Turbo Grafix CD version.


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My favourite game that no one's heard of would be Ufouria for the NES. It was released in Japan with the name Hebereke then, with a few changes to the characters, were also released in EU and AU under the new name Ufouria. For some reason it was never released in the US =P


Wikipedia quote:

Ufouria is the title of the game when released in PAL regions. The game had several alterations;

  • The characters names were changed
Hebereke = Bop-Louie
Oh-Chan = Freeon-Leon
Sukezaemon = Shades
Jennifer = Gil
  • Some characters underwent design alterations
Hebereke changed by changing him from a Penguin to a more person like appearance with cloths, big eyes and a mouth, making him resemble a little boy snowman.
Oh-Chan changed from a cat in an orange suit to an orange dinosaur/lizard.
  • Birds no longer drop turds, but now drop 16 ton weights.
  • Introduction screen (which included an image of the original four characters) was redesigned.
  • The music in some areas was sped up.
  • The character Freeon-Leon's name is spelled "Freeon-Leeon" at least once during gameplay; however, it is written as "Freeon-Leon" on the back of the Ufouria box.
And that was probably more info than you needed =P

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Chrono Cross. The supposed sequel to Chrono Trigger. I loved it because it had so many characters, the weapons were creative, the abilities were unique, and the battle system was innovative. Multiple paths of plots, sidequests galore, neat little trinkets here and there, complex plot...it's my favorite game of all time. Second place come Chrono Trigger. <3


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Either Ragnarok Online (rebirth RO private server rulez!!!) or Painkiller, both for PC, painkiller is up there because im a great fan of "Games As Art" but any game in which you can make your enemies limbs fly off in every direction is automatically a work of art in my book.


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Supreme Commander for the Xbox 360. (I was a big fan for the PC but still love it on the 360) Granted some may of heard of it on the PC but on the 360 you'd swear nobody else but you has it.

Anyways its a great strategy game from the creator of Total Annihilation. Very deep and strategic, though maybe not the best choice for the console crowd.


Hmmm... That's a tough one. I have to go with either Dark Cloud or Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, both my first two PS2 games, and both enjoyable for very different reasons. Dark Cloud was just so full of customization and I never before had been able to build an entire village other than on something like The Sims, plus I actually liked the realistic way you had to keep yourself hydrated. That was odd yet good. Orphen, though it wasn't well accepted by fans of the anime, I really enjoyed it because it was where I was introduced to the anime and the storyline was ALL OVER THE PLACE, but was somehow magically tied together at the very end by some freak accident or something, haha. I thought it was clever, at least.

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Commando for the NES (prequel to Bionic Commando). Fun yet frustrating game. One of those "one-hit-kill" games.


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Drakan: Order of the Flame and Ancient's Gates. <3 Friggin best cliche fantasy game out there.


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Suikoden, not the sequels but the very first game, RPG legend in my book.

I'm with you on the legend part =)
Though I really like the second game more and the fifth the most =P
Haven't played the third as they didn't release it in EU and the fourth was suck, mostly.


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Gotta go with the Battlestar Galactica xbox game. Its based off of the 1978 series(starbuck still has his manhood ;) ). Hardly anyone knew about this game, but it was amazing!

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The Adventures of Willy Beamish, an old point and click adventure game where you are the incorrigible Willy, taking on teachers, baby sitters, family and the like to try to have a good summer time (including cola induced frog races!). DOS PC only as far as I know. =P

Any of the old Wing Commander games, how could I not appreciate the Kilrathi? =P

Master of Orion, Master of Magic, and Master of Orion II for being amazing (too bad MOO III went to hell).

And also Disciples I-II and their add-ons rock... as does Audiosurf... but you didn't need to hear that from me.


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Rampart for the classic SNES.
The multiplayer was BITCHIN'!!!

Blood Wake for the original X-Box was fun, too.


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I can't believe noone's mentioned Albion. It's one of the greatest games ever, but noone I've ever talked to has played it! (The spiritual prequals, Amberstar and Ambermoon I think are more popular.)

Oh, and noone's mentioned (as far as I know):
Amulets and Armor (Doom meets Dungeon Crawl - whee! I could play for HOURS on that game, never found a better game like it)
Interpose (Pretty neat SHMUP, with lynxes!)
Stranded Kids (Very depressing gameboy game.)

I've heard of most of the games mentioned in this thread, actually - and played a lot of them. I even have the original box for Knights and Merchants. :D
Hell yeah, this thread is awesome. x3


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I've heard of a lot of the games mentioned here. Just makes me sad most of them can barely be found.

Err, game that no one's heard of. Chameleon Twist 2 I guess. Looking back, it was shite, but I didn't know that when I played. Six linear, bland levels does not a good platformer make. Rocket: Robot on Wheels made up for the mediocrity.