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Your favorite mythological creatures?

I'm always looking for new inspiration and mythology is a good source of it, so what are your favorite mythological creatures? Bonus points for anything lesser-known!

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Lovely, I'm happy to share one that I really think is awesome.

The Draugr/Draug


They are revenants in Scandinavian mythology, a spirit with a tangible body, usually as fallen warriors. They had characteristics of violence, bloodlust, greed, especially from mentions of them seen guarding hidden treasures.

They possess superhuman strength, known to be immune to most damage, and are said to be extremely terrifying to look at, or absolutely hideous. There are records of them having the ability to shapeshift. Examples from texts included seals, horses, bulls and cats. I found that exceptionally interesting.

They had a strong association with nightmares, due to their ability to enter dreams, and even curse individuals. One of the few known ways of stopping one is to decapitate them.

Some sources that mention these creatures can be found in various sagas, like Grettis, Lexleanda, and Harðar .
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Splintercat - a Bobcat that FUCKING HATES TREES. From the folklore of Native Americans of Northern Oregon

Stymphalian Birds - They're metal and they're angry. Hercules fought them. From ancient Greek mythology
Stymphalian_bird_by_verreaux-d341cdy (2).jpg

Mishipeshu - a freshwater lynx demon with the power of weather control. From Anishinaabeg mythology. Art by Open Graves and Minds on Twitter

Krokotta - a hooved scavenger able to mimic human speech, and switch between male and female at will. Now thought to have been an exaggerated account of a Spotted Hyena, as recorded by Ancient Greek texts

Lou Carcolh - a dragon-snail from Basque folklore. Art by Behane's Cave on Tumblr

Teju Jagua - a dog-hydra demigod that guards a cave of treasures. From Guarani mythology. Art by Libro Prodigiosum on Tumblr
tumblr_3d545114f08b4b85b3c3dd91a2dd5694_df74e1a8_1280 (1).jpg

Ahuizotl - A water demon that drowns heretics in the name of the god of Rain, Tlaloc. From Mexica folklore. Art by Beastarium on Tumblr
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Then dragons are hot in more ways than one


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do pokemon count as mythological... or only after 100years


Dragons cause they are hot af


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My favourite is obviously dragons. Reptilians that have the potential to fly. Plus coldblooded in nature and considered to be intelligent.
Different types to live in different surroundings.
If the gravity of the planet was 1/8 of the amount of earth. There would probably have been more likely dragons existing and more flying reptilians with stronger bone structures.

Kelpies are very interesting though. Imagine a horse that gets people to ride it and tricking them to drag them into the abyss. Pretty much most aquatic creatures from mythology tend to have drowning as the traits they have.

do pokemon count as mythological... or only after 100years
Pokemon are just monsters based off other creatures... Mythology or not. So you would have to choose one of them and what they are based on.


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I love chimeras - anything that is multiple creatures combined!

I also love half human creatures - from centaurs to mermaids!

I have one developed world centered around different types of half-human creatures and also really, really want some kind of deer based sona character. I have a couple of homemade chimeras that I've dreamt up myself but nothing I would use as a fursona, I just can't seem to get that kinda attachment.