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Your favourite color

What's your favourite color?

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Under the sea, near heat vents
I'm partial to orange.


I'm really partial to blue, certain hues are so pleasing to the eye ^^ But I also like some shades of light pink.


back'n up back'n up
Green is my favorite color and I don't know why. I know I'm being an ass but black is not a color it's a shade and white is the absence of color.


Legitiums Divinus Equitas
Orange, Blue, and Black. But since i could only pick one, I chose orange. Been my favorite color forever. Preferably a deeper, richer orange.


Angry Otter

I'm not being a smartass, it really is. e_e *boring* Why the heck is WHITE up there (and black, seeing as it's a complete dearth of colour), but brown isn't? D: BOOOO.


Green. Specifically earthier greens. Greens of the forests, grasses, and shrubs, in the height of summer.

Earth tones in general are favorable. Blues, umbers, oranges, reds... If it's found in a forest or a field, I like it.

But I prefer green overall.

C. Lupus

Black. And since black technical isn't a color, IL go otherwise with maroon. :p


Fundamentalist Heretic
Ever since seeing Star Wars in the theater as a kid (yes, I'm seriously dating myself) and watching Darth Vader stroll onto the screen for the first time, my favorite color has been black.