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Your fictional character crush




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I don't really have fictional crushes anymore (thankfully, that has happened when I was younger and it was definitely weird!) but I guess that Marrow Amin from RWBY kinda cut close when I saw him throughout Vol.7

(If anyone knows the show, you'll know why I like him so much! Just the cutest boy.)



Hahahahahahhahahahahaha I wonder.... not like he’s my icon on most of my accounts or anything wh


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If you didn't come out of the Sonic Movie simping Robotnik did you even watch the movie???

Also Dabi from BNHA he's hot too


Dis bad boi right hurr

My first boyfriend was a famous Brazilian Link cosplayer. I called him Link, my mom called him Link, everyone knew him by that name.
And damn, did he look fine with those white leggings!

(I hated to walk with him at cons because it was like walking with a labrador pup, everyone wanted to look / take photos / ... touch him lmao the poor thing)


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Mine has been Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho since I was like... 8. Granted, prolly shouldn't have been watching that at 8 but oh well.
I mean the guy can grow the perfect garden, is respectful, and can eat someone with a plant. what more do you want?

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D&D 5e's Eblis. I think I might have a thing for evil birds....


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For a male character, Angeal Hewley from Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core

But my bi-panic awakening was Windblade from Transformers... (I dont even know if I'm actually Bi but yo, I do love my queen!)


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I misread the title and though: What fictional character would you take out on a date? If there's no other pressure than a single date? Sir John Flastaff and I prefer women. Super, super, super fun guy to hang out with. A great tun of a man.

Robbie Coltrane

Orson Wells
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I have a lot that I've made my own "Husbando" list, so I guess my recently added husbando is Kyle from Animal crossing.

Tbh, ever since I got him on my island though, he has deadass always been saying that he's been thinking and dreaming of me.
Bro, I got the hint, I'll be yo damn alpha.


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Let me apologize in advance if this thread has been done before, but the forum search didn’t yield any results. The topic is fictional characters from movies and books and the like that you’ve had a crush on, either in your youth or recent years. Come on people, be honest!

Just to make it clear, not exactly real people, or characters or fursonas from within the fandom.

I’ll go first then! Personally, I used to have a pretty strong obsession with Bolt, the handsome doggy from Disney’s underrated 2008 film with the same name. Why? To me, he was not simply cute, he was beautiful and very expressive. I mean, just look at the pics below. And no, the fact that he was voiced by John Travolta doesn’t bother me one bit.

Seriously though, those brown eyes are to die for.

So, who wants to go next? :D
Of course, Renamon. I'm still head over heels for her. ^_^"


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Again, Deadpool. :oops::oops::oops: