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Your first non-human character "awareness"?


That one guy.
What was the first non-human character you ever looked at and realized, "Wow. You're actually visually attractive to me"?

Mine was Madame Flurrie from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Perhaps I've always had a thing for mature, well-mannered women.
And well-endowed ones, too.
She may not have been my favorite character to use in battle (That honor goes to Admiral Bobbery), but she was quite the Wind Spirit lady to behold.
A shame she's not in the later games, I don't think.

*Bonus Info: I had no idea what a "Furry" was nor knew about its fandom until 2010, from one unknown fad video including the term "furry" in it, and a review from Nostalgia Critic of the movie "Rock-a-doodle", with that one ambiguous moment in the beginning of the movie.

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
As a kid, I was kind of sensitive to things like blood and finding things attractive. It felt kind of weird and I often shook myself out of it because I was raised in a Christian home at the time and I interpreted some things a bit too seriously. Now being 18 and having my own beliefs, I can more openly assess what I find attractive, and honestly I can tell myself why I find it attractive and not that I'm actually attracted to the character. I don't really have a 'first' because I don't remember if I had.


The girl on The Thunder Cats. Nala from the first Lion King. Those two. Then I discovered the Furry Fandom six months ago, and yep, I am hooked. Bad.


Okami The Wolf is my crazy half!
Disney's Robin Hood. Don't know if there was an attraction per se, but I was def mesmerized by animals walking on 2 legs, wearing clothes, & having sword fights.


Feathered Jester
Probably some Disney varmint for me too. Simba, perhaps?


Probably some random large monster witb scales. (not really "attraction", more of a "wow, that looks cool")

Vanilla Zero

a dead sinking story
I can't remember the first anthropomorphic character I was fascinated with, but it was long before I had an sort of sensual attraction to one.. but the first character I remember "having a crush" on was Beastboy from Teen Titans.


Hothead (TMNT) from this real old NES fighting game.


Just look at all those sexy dragon pixels. <3

Alex K

I lived on a helpin-hand ranch growin up and we razed all sorts of animals ranging from trees to lions