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your funniest animal encounter


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G'day! We all know animals can be pretty darn silly! I'm sure all of us would have had at least one funny interaction with an animal, whether it's a pet, in the wild, on the street or at a zoo! So, don't be shy and post some of your wackiest encounters you've had with an animal!

To kick things off, a couple of months ago I was walking to the train station at sunset and saw a cute little ring tail possum and while i was filming it it suddenly bolted at my shoes! XD.


Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
When I was 11, I was waiting at the end of my driveway for the bus when a large buck jumped from the forested embankment and onto the road.

I looked at it, it looked back. We stared at each other for a while before I decided to gesture it to leave when I heard the bus coming up the hill, and so it promptly ran back the way it came.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Several years ago I was working under the table for a pet and farm supply store that sold live poultry. I was putting a chicken in a box for a customer when I felt a bump against my back. I turned around to see the huge tom turkey staring at me, but though nothing of it. Until he started humping me in front of everyone. When I tried to pet him he bit me .
Basically prison rape, fence and all.
In Soviet Russia, turkey stuffs you.

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
I was walking to my bus stop...

...two Giant golden retrievers kept following me and jumping all over the place..I love animals, so I pet them, and kept walking. They seemed to have gone their own way..
....then...a minute later...I see them eyeing me..then slowly starting to follow me..jumping over cars and all..:D
And then they came towards me Again and started jumping all over the place..(so cute..)
And Finally, their owner called them, and they bolted away..

I wuv them..


Blue frog
I was casually using my computer when a smol' spider came down and said hello, staying between me and the monitor for a few secs before going back up. ;3

And there was this monkey who climbed down the branch of a tree at a camp, standing above me as I was lying down on the grass, penetratingly staring at me, and I thought "d'aw, cute". But then it approached me more, and more, and I went "oi, scary" and left the place I was at.


Late Healer Ferret
My old ferret Gwen loved being outside and loved it when I'd garden. One time because of how everything worked out, my garden had all kinds of deep foot holes in it that were growing weeds. Well I was trying to clear out said weeds and get things ready for new plants, and I brought Gwen out with me. The plan was to let her romp around, but keeping a close eye on her while I was doing the boring ass work of pulling weeds. She had a leash, so she couldn't get away from me. (as long as I paid attention when she pulled it taut)

Then she just started jumping into the foot holes and tearing up the weeds. It got to the point I'd just tap over at another place and go "over here" and I had my ferret helping me tear up weeds. She'd bounce around and dook like I had just given her some of her favorite treats. Every time I needed to tear up weeds I could bring her outside with me and she'd tear them up with me. And she'd get all excited about it.


Ope, 'Scuse Me
While I was on duty one day, my partner and I saw something peculiar in an empty lot as we went driving by. I had her circle back to it to get a better look. It was a stray cat with its head stuck in an empty wet dog food can. Poor lil guy. I got out and was able to approach him without spooking him and remove the can. It was stuck on there pretty good. Had to use our trucks ring cutter to perforate the can to get the opening wide enough to take it off. The cat was super chill about it. And as soon as I took it off and set him down, he realized "ahhhhhh! Scary human!" And bolted off lol. Silly little keykat!

I have a picture of me picking him up somewhere, gotta find it

David Drake

Representative of Naboo
1. One time in college I got out really late from a class. I had taken the bus down to where I still had a good two blocks to walk. I was near a housing project, walking beside it on the sidewalk, when a skunk waddled across the road and crossed my path. He (she?) stopped, looked at me. I said "Hi!" in the friendliest voice I could muster 'cause he (she?) was a cutie. He (she?) stared at me for a second, then resumed waddling off on his (her?) way.

2. One time while working my old job, I got off my bus early in the morning downtown to catch my connector. I had to go through the train station because my bus routes backtracked a bit in the city. On the other side right on the sidewalk was a peregrine falcon standing over a rabbit it had brought down. There was a cop putting traffic cones around the scene (for the falcon's protection) and the falcon, tiny birb, was staring at the cop like "I DARE you to take this from me!"


Pirate Fox Mom
Yesterday (17.11.18) I was delivering parcels and I pulled into a farmyard, as usual their old sheep dog came out immediately. The dog gets a bit jumpy when I use the parcel scanner because of the high pitched beep it makes so I scan their parcels in the car then deliver them. So I scanned the parcel then opened the door, as I did so a tail whipped out of sight and it didn’t look like the dog’s tail. I found the Dog nose to nose with a small cat and during the time I was there they spent the whole time walking from one side of the yard to the other and back again, never taking their eyes off each other. When I was about to leave the cat took refuge from the dog under my car, so since I didn’t want to wrap the cat around the drive shaft I knocked on the bonnet and the cat shot out over to the far side of the yard and the dog followed. They continued to stare at each other for a few seconds then something distracted the dog for a second and the cat dodged past and ran into the house. The dog looked around, confusion writ large across his face then noticed the cat, sitting in the house wearing an enormously smug look that said “‘Watchya’ going to do about it?”


Blue frog
Just remembered when my father gave me a ride to school and a horse appeared in front of the car, while traffic light was red. The horse would then elegantly walk towards the same direction as us once the light turned green, but maybe it thought we were a gigantic beetle because it got scared and suddenly started running, 'til it tripped and fell down - my father hit the break pedal hard, and the fabulous horse got up like nothing happened, almost diva-like, solemnly walking aside and giving the way to us.

Horses are kewl xP

Slytherin Umbreon

Black Lives Matter
When I was 11, I was waiting at the end of my driveway for the bus when a large buck jumped from the forested embankment and onto the road.

I looked at it, it looked back. We stared at each other for a while before I decided to gesture it to leave when I heard the bus coming up the hill, and so it promptly ran back the way it came.


Haters Gonna Hate
Had a chihuahua who'd always ride with me. Pass by a field with a big black stallion. Angry taco dog gets up and starts cussing out this 1000lb animal. Horse looks over gives a snort and stomps, chihuhua dives under the seat and never barked at horses again. XD


Just some casually chaotic raccoon
As a kid, I had total panic about dogs that bark too loud. So once I was walking with my friend and then a pug (without any leash) ran towards me and barked happily, probably wnated to play so I RAN LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. And that's how a pug chased me down the street...

Deleted member 82554

I remember this one time a dog tried humping my leg, that was comedic and depressing. Every time I think back to that moment it's like a Vietnam flashback.

Foxy Emy

Polygenic DID System. Life is wild.
I was walking in the middle of the night. It was dark; I could hardly see a thing. Next thing I know, there is a white stripe 3' away from me and my girlfriend.

It sees me and jumps a bit, startled; I do the exact same thing at the same time, like I am a mirror image of the skunk. I slowly back away, it does the same thing at the same time, again!

Next week on True Story Bro, how I almost ran over a 10 racoon sex party with my car. O.O


Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
Sometime in February, I was walking to the corner store and my neighbor's dog jumps the fence and starts following me. I was terrified but it turned out the guy was friendly, and then his owner realized it and the dog ran off. I helped him get the dog so he could bring him back into his yard.


aka Cutter Cat
I used to train lots of obedience dogs, so I naturally can communicate well with them. Anyway, I went with my brother to a guy's auto repair shop. It was an old gas station and out front there was a pair of the pumps that were left. Chained to the pumps was a pit mixed breed dog who warily watched us. My brother went inside with the shop owner, leaving me outside. When they came out, I was sitting on the little pump island petting the dog. The owner freaked out. He screamed for me to get away from the dog, that nobody is ever able to pet him because he is so mean. I just kept petting the dog. The shop owner asked me how I was able to approach the dog wihout getting bitten, and I told him, "I speak dog."


Was walking to the park one day and out of nowhere A chiwawa came and barked by my leg causing me to run because I thought I was just about to get attacked

Marius Merganser

The Duke of Birds
I made the mistake of pulling over to admire a flock of wild turkeys on the side of the road. The male was huge; big enough to stick his head in the window of my car and look around. I got a picture and then decided I was going to continue on my way but every time I started the move, the turkey would zip to the front of the car and block me. I ended up throwing a cookie out the window to distract him long enough to get by.


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