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Your fursona and the one above you are locked into a cellar...


Aussie foxy
Me neither! I prefer tea and juice :3c

At first it would probably be hard to control my appetite for bunnies, but after using the Beastars technique of staring at a hunk of meat for hours on end I'd probably have it under control, and then play animal crossing with you for escapism :p


Eternally Confused Feline
Eat the rabbit, and I'll eat you


Bad Fox
I am going to try to see if I can learn how to do handstands in this cellar.


Well-Known Member
A bad fox and a cocky dancer monkey... Oh boy, this isn't going to end well. For the guards and other inmates, that is.
Oh hello Mr Kidnapper. Are you planning to do all types of naughty things to me.

*Overly dramatic moan.*

You can't do that to me~