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Your fursona goes to a cafe...


Above Earth
He walks in towards the bar counter. "H-hey," he spoke nervously, watching the barista step towards him. His nerves relaxed a bit from the warm smile the barista wore.
"What can I get you?"
"Uh- I uh, I don't really know," his nerves spiked at the question, his anxiety returning. He'd never been to this cafe before so he didn't know the drinks. "W-what do you have?"
The worker nodded in understanding. "Well, we have pretty much everything, lattes, mochas. We can mix anything up. You have anything special in mind?"
He gazed at the worker, examining the smiling barista. They wore an apron and open brimmed hat. Past the worker was a green board with the menu written in white chalk. He reached for something in his puffy jacket that kept him warm just like the worker's smile.
"I uhh, I think I know what I want." A small smile appeared on his face. He pulled his hand out from the jacket, revealing a pistol. "Give me all your money."

Deleted member 82554

Most scream then call the cops, some fap. Everyone runs away then you steal all the food.

End of...


Occult Vulpalope
In her time period, coffee is more or less unaffordable. So assuming she could afford herself a coffee she would absolutely adore the idea of a café. Her order would, of course, be coffee, as black and pure as it gets. Not because she likes the bitterness, but if you pay for something expensive you got to enjoy every bit of it, meaning she'll gulp it down with clenched teeth and would do her absolute best to give a pleased smile afterwards. Because that's surely how the rich people do it.


Resident Stone Age Fox
Well, cafes don't exist in Sakara's period, but regardless if he happened to find one and go in, he'd look a bit confused because he wouldn't be able to read the menu and doesn't have a concept of currency. Though, he'd figure it out, I mean it's not that hard, and ultimately would probably try and barter some arrowheads and hides for a few steak bakes, sausage rolls, and some tea. Then get thrown-out for not having money.


Let me see.............oh yeah, that vanilla drink I can't remember the name of! It made me stay up all night, plus another!

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
He wouldn't even fit through the door.

That's why I only drop by places that have outside seating.

Today, espresso. As long as it isn't pumpkin or pumpkin spice, I'll take the special. *always expanding the palate*


International Man Of Mystery
A baguette filled with brie, paprica and lettuce