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Your fursona goes to a cafe...


RL would take a steak and avocado sandwich, with a cinnamon crunch bagel, and a berry smoothie.
Then sit by the window and just observe. Smiling at random people that happen to look at the giant mutant locust she is.
If not a flavorful latte or something, she'll go for some sort of refresher drink (like at Dunkin Donuts rn) and for food something zesty lemon or a sesame bagel!


Resident Edgelord & Local Robot Kinnie
Steele orders an Americano---triple the espresso. He can't deny he has one hell of a sweet tooth, though, so he picks up a cheese danish to nibble on and a coffee cake for when he's feeling snacky later on


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Keykeeper'll go either for hot chocolate or a berry smoothie for a drink - depends on how cold it's outside =w=
And some tiramisu to go with it, of course!


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
Alys would definitely go for a nice hot chocolate and a cake pop {basically a ball of cake covered in chocolate on a stick}


Chamomile tea, and like a cheesy scone.

Just minding his own, though realistically if getting a hot drink would be doing it at home


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Nitro would definitely be drinking either a monster or a cappuccino, (he is a black and green Sodaroo after all) as for food? Probably a croissant, or similar as he is a Mediterranean type of Sodaroo. He is a Norwegian / French cross but knows little about his Scandinavian heretige. He plans on changing that.


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Black coffee and a donut... stereotypical cop style. :cool:


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Helium-3 in a pressurized bottle that can connect with the fuel port under his tongue with a side of carbon, iron, chromium, molybdenum, copper, aluminum and titanium powder in a sludge-like suspension using a mineral oil base to prevent oxidation.

Tasty tasty!


Resident Edgelord & Local Robot Kinnie
Just a black coffee, but if he's feeling snacky, a coffee cake or cheese danish to go with it. He's got an insatiable sweet tooth and won't admit it


i have two sonas. kitty is a regular at his local cafe; he always gets strawberry milk ! wilson would get a coffee with tons of milk and sugar, and a croissant.


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Probably some very strong tea, and maybe some sort of pastry? Uh. I'm not sure if she eats. I should really ask her about that.

the sleepiest kitty

A large cup of regular coffee with lots of fat free, dairy free powdered creamer and a slice of freshly made coffee cake. Mmm...