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Your Fursona's Alignment

Sona's alignment (2 answers optional for more clarity)

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Nexus Cabler

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The majority of us are likely familiar with alignment charts, so I think it would be fun to ask where your sonas and characters fit within it, and just as importantly, how and why.


Ennui Elemental

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My sona (basically me): I tend to get LG/NG on tests when I answer them but I don't do a whole lot with my sona where it would matter

I have like... coming up on 60 characters now for a project and I'm just kind of mentally fitting some of them into an alignment as best I can

Atilio: CN leaning CG
Uriah: LN leaning LE
Konstantin: LN leaning LG
Roland: LG
Casimiro: NG
Nena: NG leaning LG
Astrid: NG leaning CG
Cassandra: LN
Balam: CE
Katsuo: LG
Hayate: CN
Emi: LN
Lan: CG
Jaromir: LG
Millicent: NG
Reiko: NG leaning CG
Isaac: TN leaning NE
Iola: TN leaning NE
Sophia: LE
Sela: TN
Guillaume: CN


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Since I do play a game of 5e with my sona as a character, I can actually answer for real lol.

Lawful Evil, because pirate and because lawful alignments produce more pleasant and interesting characters (in my opinion). Since lawful basically means that a character has integrity and their own values they will stand by, it means they will be role-played in a manner consistent with those values. It gives more opportunity to highlight and define the character, while also creating interesting conflicts, both external and internal, when they're faced with a choice between achieving their goal or keeping to those values. I feel like that can't be replicated with chaotic, since they don't care by definition, they'll just go for the goal in any way they like. It's like a difficulty setting for RP.
LE is also the only evil alignment that can be believably put into a regular DnD campaign and not screw everything up.

Also, that's a weird looking alignment chart. Where's it from?


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Chaotic good.

If the justice system was flawless, there would be no injustice. Sometimes rules need to be broken in order to do the right thing. Especially if one of those laws is 'you can't touch royalty' but said royalty is choking or something. I'd totally break that silly rule if it meant helping them breathe!

Ennui Elemental

Eat shit and die, tankie assholes
Chaotic good.

If the justice system was flawless, there would be no injustice. Sometimes rules need to be broken in order to do the right thing. Especially if one of those laws is 'you can't touch royalty' but said royalty is choking or something. I'd totally break that silly rule if it meant helping them breathe!
(Lawful Evil): "Maybe they should have thought about that before making the law."


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Chaotic Neutral most likely. Kim's a free spirit, very good to his friends, but otherwise keeps to himself and tends not to preach to others how to live their life usually. So long as they aren't harming anybody else. Lawful tends to be pretty boring, uninteresting and limiting I find. Not about putting blinders on the character, you can have amibitons and principles for a character without being lawful anyways.
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Kit H. Ruppell

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Kit: LN (Follows personal code that may or may not align with the expectations of society)
Pik: TN (Birb doing birb things)

Firuthi Dragovic

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Originally I would have said Neutral Good for Firuthi.

Nowadays? Drifting a lot more towards Chaotic Good.

....not sure about some of my OCs.

Jackpot Raccuki

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Jackpot is Chaotic Evil considering he's supposed to be the embodiment of Greed and really mostly cares for money and wealth.
Pretty simple as that really, doesn't reflect who I am irl, I just fell in love with him so he became my fursona.

("2nd fursona")
Xavavious is apparently Chaotic Evil (Based on a quiz), despite the fact he's loyal to his friends, but I guess by definition some mercanarys are 'evil'?
I would've said he's more Neutral evil at most, not exactly going out of his way to break laws outside of his job but neither is he likely to follow them.
Still having his own personal codes, but not enough that I'd warrent him being a lawful character. And far from true neutral.

(Old Fursona)
Like is True Neutral, has no exact desire to do any good or evil, nor law or chaos even though his main ability is creation, he's generally friendly and only becomes chaotic due to Shadow's influence, but only rarely. His original design was going to be him be emotionless and uses masks to express his emotions, maybe he'll still do it but he's of course not limited by emotions, just maybe finds it difficult to visually express it or thinks so, and uses masks? idk.

Shadow is Chaotic Neutral, I can't call him evil or good since he doesn't really care or even know. He is often always with Like and the two are married.
Fraz is Lawful good considering he's supposed to be a Paladin and all... Well formally was, now more of a knight due to not liking some of the other's choices, but still is technically a Paladin just not in the order anymore, arguably considered a very good Paladin since he managed to 'tame' the chaotic energy of Klaubern.
Klaubern is Lawful Evil, who is married to Fraz and is likely only lawful because of him. But he still follows his own pirate codes. Arguably he's borderline chaotic evil since he often has no cares for anything or anyone, aside from his husband. But he of course has his pirate codes, and mostly tries to stay in line of law for Fraz's sake.

I think I need more lawful characters, although I gave a few lawful ones, unfortunately those two are maybe one of the few only lawful ones, I do enjoy the freedom of chaotic energy, although my evil intentions are jsut because I guess by definition some things are evil.


Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
Akki would be Chaotic Neutral. Aside from just being moody, he is impulsive and doesn't have a lot of regard for authority or orders. Sometimes he does things just for his own amusement, out of boredom. He can be kind and gentle and protective, but he can also be unpredictable and violent.

Ennui Elemental

Eat shit and die, tankie assholes
I don't understand what the image in the opening post means?
I think they're sort of representative geometric pictographs that are evocative of the alignment they're assigned to? Chaotic seems to be associated with triangles, Lawful with squares, Good with circles but that doesn't seem to quite be it.

e: I think the theme is that Lawfuls look more "orderly" (squares or things that would fit neatly in squares), Goods have a "softer" feel (round/circles), Evils have more of a jagged/spiky/unpleasant look, and Chaotics have more triangles?
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Too much order is tyrannical Too much chaos is adverse
The world is not one of good and evil but shades of grey
So I’m a true neutral

beanie the sleepy kitty

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Chaotic good, but slowly converting to neutral good


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Shyy is predominantly CG, where as Thundercloud is much closer to CN.
Both are Protogens.
Shyy tends to not to buck the world, mostly getting along with just about anyone.
Thundercloud is more jaded, having had to live with the realization that you are mortal, and sometimes, no matter the effort, shit goes sideways and someone dies. In front of you. He is the one that is quick to to say "F*ck this" and "go hard" after someone/something. He can also be a steady rock when needed.


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CN. There were a couple of questions on the alignment test that were VERY dependent on who might be involved, so he technically scored CE, but it was only a two-point difference. He's a very 'do what it takes to survive, even if it hurts' type of man who has a moral code but will go against it if it means staying on top of the pile.
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Unbalanced, pulls to the right. Get stuck sometimes, think needs some engine work.

I try to stay on the path of lawful good, but all the fun stuff is on the evil side side and it's so sticky. I mean, why can't I be lawful and not have a really good bar burning? That guy totally deserved a molotov to the face and not a movie style glass shatter over the head. How am I supposed to be good and avoid setting people on fire? It's so hard....

That necromancer totally tripped on his own trap! that's on him. Not sure where this cloth came from.


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
Minerva, my dear. You are about lawful good (by your own words) as a public servant is. Embrace your true self, just mind the reveling in the violence. Lawful Neutral sounds more like what you are describing, with a splash of "Damnitall" thrown in...


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
I don't racially profile! Unless a female dark elf. if she's with Lolth, it's a party going down. If it's Eilistraee, to the bedroom with her.

I've just never quite gotten how one leads to a town burning down and the other just sets a random wildfire off and endangering an orphanage. I'm lawful good!