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Your Greatest "Goosebumps" Moments in Music


Brain Emo
This whole song is one massive goosebump:

Max Richter - November



Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Let me start off with these:

Real Life - Catch Me I'm Falling (extended) at 3:46

Foreigner - Jukebox Hero at 0:40 when the first wave of guitars hit

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover at 2:05 (for quicker effects, at 0:22, watch this vid)

Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (American Wipeout Mix) at 4:51 during the guitar solo!

Peter Schilling
- The Different Story at 0:21 (I swear that's a chick doing the whisper, not Peter!)

- Land Of Nowhere at 1:27

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 1, 2 and 3 OST by Yuzo Koshiro

Until The Excitement Cools Down
at 0:30

Supreme Folly at 0:14

Midnight Santuary at 2:27

at 1:21, sometimes as soon as 1:05

Luke - Turbo Disco at 3:38 (♪I can feel the acceleration...♪)

The following were induced due to both aural and visual stimulation:

- Starworshipper (as soon as the kid hits play on his cassette tape deck at 0:22, goosebumps also hit play. Vid about Iron Eagle movie and Macross Robotech anime)

Futurecop! - Gateux Fighter (vid is a homage to Saturday morning cartoon awesomeness. 3:17, when Captain Planet appears)

One of the songs has the same music as Futurecop!'s Dreams (not the Keenhouse version) that has been playing recently on the radio, but the DJs never mention the title. Can anyone nail it? The lyrics are about going out in the night or something...
It usually always happens during the discovery of a new awesome Two Steps From Hell song. I have two examples, United We Stand - Divided We Fall and My Freedom, which I only just found the other day.


Kit H. Ruppell

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This song is so criminally overlooked. I'd definitely put it on my list of favorite Rush songs.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I totally forgot this one (an excerpt from a track that runs over 18 minutes)


Brain Emo
After the build up, it's jizzing time.

Is good but man, I haven't truly enjoyed anything from these guys since the Soft Bulletin.

This song is so criminally overlooked. I'd definitely put it on my list of favorite Rush songs.

Love Rush, love this post. I admit I too have been overlooking this one, but no more...

I totally forgot this one (an excerpt from a track that runs over 18 minutes)

This is beautiful (~1:30? oof). For the sake of prog, I am grateful.

Bloodbirds here from Agalloch DESTROYS me, his screams around 5:20 give me chills everytime:

The end of Crucify Me by Bring Me The Horizon.
It's a five minute grindfest, but at the end they have an acoustic part with Lights singing.
The end of Daddy by Korn.
It basically culminates into him crying with a woman singing a lullaby in the background.
Lost Keys by Tool.
Just that entire song gives me chills...
The end of Stan by Eminem.
Just listen to it.
Kim by Eminem.
It's a song that is entirely him screaming at his "wife". More fear chills than anything.
Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.
I can really relate to this song, so maybe that's why I get chills.

Traven V

There are so many songs that do this for me, music has a sort of magic to it for lack of an explanation, if you let it take you away. Music is a constant companion for me w/o it I probably would be dead v.v . Well I can say one thing, go out dancing to a club where they play music you enjoy that's where you can really feel it, eh, if not turn up the music and dance at home, break out into a headbang whatever moves you it can be a great stress reliever, I highly recommend it. Music what a wondrous instrument :p.
*Also pretty much anything I post on the "What are you listening too" Thread has this effect on me, much love to all my fellow music fans
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drunken pirate

3:50 onwards


Coldplay - Fix you (from 2:30 on, that guitar and drums...)


And my country's (Wales') anthem sung by A fully packed millennium stadium in Cardiff. Makes me feel soo proud to be Welsh...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMI5wpwXTCY - You'll have to click on it as I can only put one video into one post.

Kit H. Ruppell

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A recent rendition of a Sikh devotional from the mid 20th century


6150 rpm and spinning.
Oh god, where to even start... Well... Let's see....

Insertion from the Crysis2 soundtrack, Hans Zimmer is a god among men. The entire song gives me goosebumps, but the start to the 25 second mark literally makes the hair on my arms stand.

Next up is Nero's 'Doomsday". 0 to :14 leads you in, :15 to :44 puts you on edge. And at 45 seconds; the world ends.

Now for Pantera's "Immortally Insane", first heard this when I was much younger, it's one of the songs that makes my hair stand and ussually brings one some vulgar power fantasy; as good metal should.

Danzig, Thirteen. Nothing else needs to be said.

Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. Nobody should be both that sexy and that creepy...

And last for now I'll reach way back to the first two songs that every gave me that goosebump dreamy feeling even when I was a little kid.

Metallica's Call of Ktulu. I tend to lean more towards the S&M version now a days, but when I was a kid this was the first song I got that possessed feeling from.

And finally, Garth Brooks' The Thunder Rolls. A hell of a contrast against my normal metal tastes, sure. But I did grow up with country, and this song always made me cry, even when I was a kid.

Kit H. Ruppell

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3:45 to end (this video is 2 tracks in one)
It builds into something quite powerful.


Forgive Yourself
Props on the Blade runner sig man.


And then there is a list :

Paradise Lost - Symphony X
I don't wanna be me - Type O Negative
Life is Killing me - Type o Negative
Sober - Tool
Disposition & Reflection - Tool ( two songs here. )
Prison Sex - Tool
Jambi - Tool
Right in Two - Tool
Parabol & Parabola - Tool ( two songs here too )
Schism - Tool
10,000 days - Tool
Crank the Sirens - Soilwork
The entire album of The Panic Broadcast - Soilwork
The entire album of Stabbing the Drama - Soilwork

And just everything Tool, so yeah too many to list here. :D

Kit H. Ruppell

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This hits HARD


Soaked In Sin
There's just something about the lyrics and the feel of this song.

I saw Uli Roth live earlier this year. Such a brilliant guitarist, I met him too...

That "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" at 1:37. Oh my god, everything is suddenly okay in the world.

Judge Spear

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It's so powerful. It makes me aspire to greatness. QQ

Kit H. Ruppell

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since we've started posting game music

Right when he says "idiot, slow down". Something about it just fucking breaks my heart.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I think this was one of their best albums