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Your idols in music


Hawt Dawg
Every musician is influenced by a famous musician. Whether it's Mozart or Angus Young, it doesn't matter. They should've been a big influence in your pursuits of music.

So, who's your music idol that influences you?

Well, I'm a drummer, and my idol is (kinda obvious from my point of view) Neil Peart, because he has amazed me with what he can do behind the set and how well he has taken his wife and daughter's deaths. Call me a copycat, but I always wanted to drum like him.

Now, what about you guys out there?


Play from your ****ing HEART
Paul Masvidal, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade, Arpmandude, Paul Waggoner, Ron Jarzombek, Fredrik Thordendal, Mikael Ã…kerfeldt, others.


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Isaac Brock (my first experience with Indie rock) Natalie MacMaster (Cape Breton fiddler, one of the reasons I picked up the instrument in the first place) and Owen Pallett (<3)


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Isaac Brock (my first experience with Indie rock) Natalie MacMaster (Cape Breton fiddler, one of the reasons I picked up the instrument in the first place) and Owen Pallett (<3)

Mine too, Mine too.

Also: Dough Martsch, Jeff Mangum.


the obvious identity
Probably the Ween brothers, Nick Cave and John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) are the primary ones. They're just really good songwriters in general :Y


Wait... what?
I guess you could call Daron Malakian one of my main idols, at least when it gets to guitar playing.
Sure, technically he isn't special, but he wrote a lot of stuff that is fun (and mostly not too hard) to play.

And there is Serj Tankian, with his political lyrics, a broad variety of instruments and his poetry.

Did I mention, that I like System of a Down? :V

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
Farrokh Bulsara

he's proven, no matter what your background is, you can become the most famous singer around


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Buckethead(Brian Carrol) and Dimebag Darrell Abbott are my favorite guitar players of all time. Technically, it's extremely hard to match BH, but most people never look past his ability to shred to realize that he is an awesome composer, talented in many instruments and many styles, although he's a bit bizarre on top of all of that. As far as Dimebag Darrell goes, if you don't listen to metal, you probably don't care, and if you do, and you don't know who he is...words fail me. Dimebag's shredding is one thing of course, but the thing that really stands out was his attitude and his general demeanor, as well as his awesome riffing, plus how well he always made pinches sound. RIP Dime.

As far as drummers go, the guy from All That Remains(don't know his name) is a beast. He's awesome. Singers, i always liked David D., the lead singer of Disturbed. i like his voice and his rhythm.


Chevy the Impala
Now I could talk classical composers, especially because the first instrument I picked up (and still play) is the violin. These have to be (chronologically speaking) Antonio Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, a little bit Mozart I suppose, but also important to me were both Antonin Dvorak and Tchaikovsky.

In terms of modern music acts of all sorts I look to several. First we have Bob Dylan, who pretty much single-handedly brought folk music to the mainstream. Knock his singing style all you want, the man is a talent to be reckoned with. Then we have Tom Scholz of Boston. He exemplifies the passion of rock fans everywhere--no formal music teachings and he didn't even really pick up a guitar until after graduating MIT. A graduate of MIT decides to be part of a rock band? That's dedication, and his love of music is apparent in all the works he does. Finally, I have to give credit to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Perhaps the best blues guitarist to ever grace the stage. Unbelievable talent and totally mesmerizing to listen to.


Steve Harris, Geddy Lee... you can see that I'm a bassist :)


Aaron Turner, Steve Moore, David Murphy, Mikeal Akerfeldt, Marc Brownstein, Les Claypool, Colin Edwin...... i could go on for days.
Vitek, Pete Sandoval, George Kollias, Tim Waterson, and Max Duhamel. :D


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Slash - his bluesy tones and fretwork never ceases to amaze me. I love his relaxed style as he plays. I started reading music because me teacher told me "If you asked Slash if he read Tablature, he'd smack you over the head with a bottle o' Jack D"

Dave Gilmour - Prebends and style, although Pink Floyd are known to the outside world as "Those guys who did Proper Education", I think Gilmour is one of the best guitarists ever, he doesn't shred, but he has more feeling than every other guitarist (In my view)

Don Felder - Totally underrated, totally awesome.


You are tearing me apart Lisa!
Most of my influenced are really modern.

Adam Gontlier: One of the best vocals I've ever heard, made some seriously good songs with simple lyrics like no one else could.

Johnny Cash: When you're 70 and can own Nine Inch Nails at their own song, you know you've got talent.

Immortal Technique: One of the best rappers Ive ever heard, actually makes rap that has meaning and a political standpoint instead of they typical "Being a gangsta, banging hoes, doing weed" bullshit a lot of rappers come out with.

Linkin Park: Mananged to make some icredibly powerful songs. Their songs seemed so intesne when I first heard it my entire mood just flipped on the spot

My Chemical Romance: "Emo", but powerful, truly good music.

Hollywood Undead: Great use of sarcasm, Intense music, and the lyrics arent too bad either :p

Nickelback: Powerful vocals and meaningful songs, true grunge rebirth.

Foo Fighters: Just plain inspirational, huge hit and overal influential.

I've got plenty more :p

Sinister Exaggerator

Probably the Ween brothers


I mention them way too often, but I stand in complete awe of The Residents and the overall message that their art manages to convey. PERFECT.

Daniel Menche, Aaron Dilloway, and Sickness are artists I sort of look up to in the sense that they absolutely changed my mind on the idea that noise can be carefully calculated and composed to the point of razor-sharp accuracy that it almost seems impossible.

Dyluck (alt)

I'm a singer, so...

Geoff Tate of Queensryche. He hits high notes most other singers didn't even know existed.
Philip Labonte of All That Remains. How he can instantaneously switch between the death growl/screaming to those fantastic vocals is amazing to me.
Matthew Bellamy of Muse. Because he is amazing.
Elvis Presley is <3
Shirley Manson of Garbage just because she is fucking hot.


Hirokazu Tanaka (composer for the original Metroid game, Kid Icarus, and others). Tanaka seems like a nerdy choice, but his composing style has ALWAYS hit home with me.

I saw Patton mentioned above and definitely have to give him mention as well. Very inspiring guy. :]


You are tearing me apart Lisa!
Look, whatever, I'm an idiot. I guess I just dont know them as well as I thought. I'm wrong I'm an idiot, whatever. This is just kinda humiliating, can we please just delete everything I said? -_-;;