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Your introduction into the Furdom.

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Gained an interest in the fandom after reading some fursona stories I found through a google search I think. It's sort of blurry now.


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was always into drawing animal/humands, i started on gaia at one piont and seached on youtube and found furries. i felt so warm inside and had to just become one, i met my first furry at ax2 and from that piont on it was a dead set path into my life. hehe


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Pokemon, Digimon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ouka from .hack//Twilight, & Tabby from .hack//ROOTS.
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I've liked anthro stuff as long as I can remember. Mainly Disney films were my gateway, which led me to find more from there once I first discovered the internet.


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First searched bipedal animals and anthro animals in Google. Then I found and searched through stuff on VCL, found FA, created a number of 'sonas, and now I am a funky 'munk.


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A friend of mine introduced me to the Fandom, and before I could even think about it I was attached to it, almost like someone coated me in Super Glue and threw me into the Internet.
And then BAM.

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Ever since I got really bored in elementary school and found a book of Greek myths I have been hooked on the concept of anthropomorphism. (I was an extremely avid reader and I wanted to find a book that would last more than an hour in my hands. So I read the Odyssey. As to why it was in an elementary school library I have not a clue.) In any case I read the chapter of Circe's Island and it intrigued me. Later I read some Choose Your Own Adventure books and almost every ending I ever got on my first few run-throughs of them ended in an animal transformation. Years later I started playing Dungeons and Dragons and my first decent character was a transmutation specialist. The campaign ended with him polymorphing himself into a dragon and devouring the end boss.

I discovered the fandom two years ago after hearing a bunch of references to furries on a role playing game. Not knowing what the hell they were talking about I did a lot of independent research and just recently came to the conclusion that I might just fit in here.

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I always wanted to be an animal. So I eventually started drawing and writing about anthromorphic animals. As I got older I started thinking about them having sex and bam I'm a fucking furry


this aired the night of my 13th birthday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq9vXg9wSmE i hated the perversion so itrolled peeps in the fandom for a while. then i discovered tojo. then i discovered narse. got caught pawing off to a laughable mudkip pokemorph pic and admitted to myself i had become one. told my gf about the fandom and she looked into it properly. then showed me the nonsexual side of it. then she convinced me to join FA with her and i've only been getting prouder ever since. nobody else in my district knows about the fandom so i've become a good furry pr.

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Consider yourself lucky she didn't dump you. I told my parents that was a furry at 16 and it was as if they disowned me


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i always liked them cartoon aminals
then 4channed and saw dem pr0ns and was all like eeeewww...*save*
then i saw fursuits and was all like ooOOOoo i wanna make one
then i internetted and discovered puppy play and was like i dig it, but i no like bdsm
then i found FA and was like yea ok
then i realized it wasn't just porn and obnoxious naruto headband wearing highschoolers and was all like ima furry


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