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Your introduction into the Furdom.

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I was on MSN, chatting with a friend about some stuff and they said "You know you'd probably like being a furry right?" and I said "A what?", he sent me a link to Wikifur. The rest is history. :3

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Hmm... when I was 12, I joined an evil RPG Maker website called the RPG Maker Pavilion. Now 15. And I get to know the members. Oh wait, it's this guy Draygone who makes videos! Hmmm, let's look him up. Oooohhh, it says furry. What's a furry? I know, TvTropes has the answer! Oh, TvTropes says this... this sounds interesting and hilariously funny! Hey, guyz of the RPG Maker Pavilion, I'm furry now! Draygone: Yay! *tail nuzzle*. TheRealCrunk: I'm the only one here who isn't gay or furry! Enter now: D13: ooohhh, Eschaton Orochi (me) and Draygone are furries! Hmmm... I draw anthro cats, me furry now!


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hah, Wouldn't ya know it I met a certain furry named 'Dan Skunk' in a CS:S clan. A link on his steam ID sent me to a website of his which led to me taking a brief look and thinking he was loopy or something. Of course years later I just had to click the random button on ED and end up browsing their "furry gallery of shame". It was Darkdoomer's work that really got me interested in the fandom though, I've ended up drawing patachu a ton...

meh, I kinda wish I didn't get that introduction. I would rather draw normal stuff and be able to show my friends ;)


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I actually entered the fandom as an attempt to troll it. However, I very quickly discovered I liked the people, liked the community, and hell, I'll admit it, I liked the porn. Long story short I became the mask.


Roleplaying on a Sonic the Hedgehog fansite first got me interested in anthro characters, and things snowballed from there.

Also, porn.


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I first herd of furries from CSI. Then I met a few of them from other sites and found out, they aren't really all that bad. Then I joined here and learned... Well they can be just as bad as I thought...


Writing random words on Google leading me here, where I was mistaken with a moderator.


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Above all, I'm a costume enthusiast. And I've always been fond of fursuits in particular (when I was a kid, I wanted to work as a Disneyland mascot). So it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon this lovely thing we call a fandom.
That and porn, but not by choice. Silly me thinking that it'd be safe to Google an innocent little word like "foxes".


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Neopets got me interested in furries, hate to admit. lol

NEOPETS MAKES YOU READ PR0N. (lol, jk, I don't do porn . . . anymore)
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So I had a few things that led me to this fandom, fav cartoons were anything with anthros, also loved anything with talking animals. In time I got into a horror phase, not but gore, just werewolves, from there I had always loved the idea of turning werewolf, keeping most of my sanity, and staying in the anthro wolf forum. Still had no clue what a furry was at this point. I joined gaia for rping (usually as a werewolf) and made a friend who rped as werewolves, and we got close, he linked me to what used to be yiffstar.

4 years pass and now here I am =3


ive always been a furry really, ever since i saw the lion king. i loved to watch cartoons with anthropomorphic creatures in them. im a dragon because ever since i first saw a dragon, i have been captivated by them. i "officially" became a furry cos my friend kept calling me one, so i researched it i realised that i was a furry, but yeah, ive always been a furry really


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My first furry character was an orca/dinosaur back when the internet was young (1997?). Then I joined the gryphon guild around 1998-1999 with my current fursona which is when I really started to get into furry communities. I started hanging out with real life furries around 2005.

Wow, do I feel old typing that. Dx


I've heard of it on the TV for the first time years ago. Before that I thought I was the only weirdo of this kind since over here no one knows what furry is. In years after I did some research and in time (dont even know when) I was regularly following what was going on.


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I Honestly don't remember when I first found out and saw all this "furry" stuff.
I also don't entirely know how I found porn. I just one day saw it and found out about it.
The first I probably got from cartoon shows like Pokemon or something, the latter I don't think anyone wants to know that.


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I was recomended by amember on live streem ages ago I got bored of deviant art so I joined FA to make a fresh start and im impressed so far, on da it takes months to get the kind of views that I just got in seconds of uploading my art here.


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I'm new here ^^' Haha.
I got into the furry fandom probably about two years ago when I started watching Sonic and a couple animes (Ex: Wolf's Rain).
I was shy about it at first but I gradually got out of it when I started going to anime conventions and getting stuff like tails, ears, collars, etc. My non-furry friends thought it was the coolest thing ever and I wasn't so shy about it anymore.
Yay~ My intro is probably cheezy ^^'''

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I keep remembering little details of how I really started drifting into this fandom since my last post here, so here 'tis:

-Playing games on Steam.
-Chatting with people on Steam.
-Did I mention games on Steam? (XD)
-My stepbrother constantly calling me a furry until I finally gave up trying to tell him no and deciding I'd just go for it. I think it worked out.
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