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Your job


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I'm a temp at a major credit card company, studying to become a game designer or 3D animator or something. :>


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I work at Petsmart :[

buuuut the people there are awesome.

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I work at a biomedical research facility. Unfortunately, I'm not permitted to discuss what goes on inside the facility per company security reasons. What I can say is that I take care of Rhesus monkeys.

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im a bricklayer and i love it im building things that will be around for hundreds of years hard work but satisfiying plus i would go crazy if i got me a desk job i need to work its what i was bred to do:)

im a farmer to but that was what i got put into that when my grandad passed on
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I work at a Marc's grocery store as a cashier. Its not a bad summer job to save up for college in the fall.


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I was thinking of making this thread yesterday. xD

I'm an Auditor for Quantum services. We inventory gas stations. The stores we have out here are Chevrons, Ampms, Thirftys and then a hand full of indpentants. Our company is a nation wide company. :D My dream job would be working for Disney or cartooning or owning my own themed bar. WHICH I am planning on doing in the near future. :D Its going to be a pirate theme bar.


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I wanted to do that too! But that seems to be a shaky profit maker. I'm not sure how many people buy comics or manga anymore. I stopped because its too expensive and I have a lot of bills to pay.


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We usually have long lines at check out. Our stores are found more commonly on the West Coast.
Frys, eh?

I work construction, mostly demolition and carpentry. In other words, I pound wood all day. :cool:

I still have no idea what my dream job would be. :mad:
I have a part-Time job as a mechanic at a local auto-repair shop. I also race late model cars, now technically it's not a job, more of a hobbie. But when finish in the top 5 you can earn up to $1,000 ta $5,000 dollars in a night of racing.


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Full-time student (veterinary medicine); work as a manager of the stock herds and facilities at a local farm in my "free time;" working the animals, managing slaughter schedules and nutrition intake, handling breeding and birthings, keeping up the fences and rotating pastures, etc. Pays crap, but I get to work with the critters and get experience for school. :3

Commissions pretty much pay my rent right now, though. >_>


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Currently fishing for a job; getting ready for college! XD


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I'm a cashier at Walmart right now. Would like to be management/move up the line a bit, but right now, I'm stuck as a cashier.

I'd like to be a professional artist, but we all know how difficult that one is.


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I seal driveways. A usual day is probably 12-15 driveways, and there can be more on bigger days. Paid 10% per job in cash, so the pay's not too bad. I can usually pull in $300+ a week, or much more on a week with a lot of big days.

It sucks sometimes, though, and it's not as consistent as I'd like. I can't plan around it, because I don't know how long I'll be working on a given day (could be 7 hours, could be 12). I'm on the hunt, looking for more stable opportunities while still doing this.


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i was the director of the art section of a young little firm.
right now i'm an artist who earns some money with comissions, sometimes. with other words i'm unemployed.
next month i'm going back to vocational scool.


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I'm a nail technician. ^^; But You already know that, Echo~


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