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Your last desire


Psychological Egoist.
I don't believe you. How bad can it be?

Leave Heckler alone
You have no-

no u

Our goverment is completly fucked up. Complete people in it are fighting against each other or against the actual goverment.
One of the arabic ministers was on the Gaza Floatilla, and was considered "Not a citizen of Israel" from then by the other ministers.
The right wing is trying to prove that it's stronger than the prime minister.
The minister of foreign relations or how the hell we call that, harrasses almost every other foreign outsider that has negative response.
Many of the ministers are not doing their job and blame it on others.
Some right wing ministers came to a Stand-up in a "Conquered land" and harrassed the actors.

Not anything different than what you have, but there are cases of extreme*.

*Nobody threw a shoe on our prime minister yet
Oh, is that all? I was thinking of something like it saying that they retracted martial law on the front page, and then that they declared martial law again on page two.

Appreciate stuff.
Hey Spyro.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

Captain Spyro

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