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your latest purchase ! :3

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
"Non-kakate Pizza"

i tell ya.

it's well strange.

it's like a deep fried potato chip the size of a dinner plate covered in a sauce i'm still left wondering whether it was meant to be cheese or tomato.

and throughout there's this weird cubes in it that i can't tell if it's meant to be sugar or salt.

science has gone too far!


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the razer straw.

razer straw.jpg

Connor J. Coyote

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Bought 4 of these on a whim, at the store yesterday..... when I got said bread. (Banana Nut).
Well - as a follow up to the last time, I bought a few of these recently, at the same store..... I know a lot of people like chocolate stuff, (and taste-wise, they weren't too bad to me) - but I kinda enjoyed the banana nut ones last week, a bit better.


United forever in friendship and labour
The same lab work I need quarterly because my immune system is a fuck.


United forever in friendship and labour
styriene, putty, and mini figure bits to convert space marine infiltrators into lady space marine infiltrators, because why not?

Borophagus Metropolis

The official prehistoric floofy woof of FAF
A 65 liter backpack, a miniature packable wood stove, and a folding shovel.
Oh no, I'm not going to ditch society to live the rest of my life in the wilderness. That would be silly.


A pair of jeans, and I'm too embarrassed to say how much, but its my style and I dont regret it xD

sleepy kitty

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From Amazon: Dumb & Dumber on DVD, Wayne's World on DVD, and a fancy new journal.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Pretty sure it was just Doordash food.
Specifically redbull.