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your latest purchase ! :3

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
"Non-kakate Pizza"

i tell ya.

it's well strange.

it's like a deep fried potato chip the size of a dinner plate covered in a sauce i'm still left wondering whether it was meant to be cheese or tomato.

and throughout there's this weird cubes in it that i can't tell if it's meant to be sugar or salt.

science has gone too far!


trans girl, arctic fox, dingus. she/her
the razer straw.

razer straw.jpg

Connor J. Coyote

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Bought 4 of these on a whim, at the store yesterday..... when I got said bread. (Banana Nut).
Well - as a follow up to the last time, I bought a few of these recently, at the same store..... I know a lot of people like chocolate stuff, (and taste-wise, they weren't too bad to me) - but I kinda enjoyed the banana nut ones last week, a bit better.


United forever in friendship and labour
The same lab work I need quarterly because my immune system is a fuck.


United forever in friendship and labour
styriene, putty, and mini figure bits to convert space marine infiltrators into lady space marine infiltrators, because why not?

Borophagus Metropolis

A modern stonerage floofy woof
A 65 liter backpack, a miniature packable wood stove, and a folding shovel.
Oh no, I'm not going to ditch society to live the rest of my life in the wilderness. That would be silly.


A pair of jeans, and I'm too embarrassed to say how much, but its my style and I dont regret it xD

the sleepiest kitty

From Amazon: Dumb & Dumber on DVD, Wayne's World on DVD, and a fancy new journal.