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your latest purchase ! :3


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A crate filled top to bottom with old matchbox and hot wheels play sets I'm going to use to turn into Gaslands terrain.


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This album on vinyl! A market came to town today, and I wasn’t really intending to buy anything, but I had to buy Fair Warning immediately after seeing it in the stall, since I love VH more than myself. It’s in surprisingly good condition for a record that might have been printed 40 years ago. The first side sounded pretty fuzzy, but my dad cleaned the second one and it was great!
(sorry for gushing!! I can never get myself to shut up about 80’s rock music!!)

Kit H. Ruppell

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A katana
damn thing cost me 2,000
but it cuts things and looks good so it's worth it.
Who's the maker?

My last notable purchase was the nearest CVS' remaining stock of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I cleaned out the whole bin.


Another HUD100 MK2, a OneOdio Pro-30 and two MAONO MH601 headphones.


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I won this Extreme Noise Terror record from an online auction. However, it's been almost two weeks and I haven't received it in my mail yet. :/

Kit H. Ruppell

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"Vitamin Enhanced", a collection of the first six albums by Ozric Tentacles