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your latest purchase ! :3


The whimsical clown
Does a kickstarter game counts xD?

Connor J. Coyote

The ¥oteƵer Extraordinaire
Well, I bought these at the local store, this week.
These are really easy to heat up and make... and best of all - there's less work involved for me in doing so. :p

Anyways..... (as a follow up to the posting above)..... this week, I might get the turkey variety, I'm thinking. The only thing - is that they're also a tad bit more salty tasting (for some reason); and thus - whatever dish I use them in - I gotta remember to hold off - on the salt.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Well-Known Member
usually my latest purchase is boring farming stuff i'm sure you have no interest in.

wish i had something interesting.

that and humans "technically" i guess.