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your latest purchase ! :3


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groceries lol. but if we look besides that, then a computer!
I have been wanting one since 2016 and finally got one.It's an Acer Nitro N50-610 - and I love it! So much better than my laptop lol.


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A 16$ cab ride home and $300 loan repayment -n-
I could technically nuke my loan payment down to just under 1k, but then I'd be broke, and that still makes me nervous


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The last thing I bought for fun was Outlast, Outlast 2, and whistleblower, it's such a fun game, I'm a hoe with a Eddie Gluskin crush lol


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Wacom cintiq 13hd


I went to Gamestop with somebody yesterday and I saw the FNAF plushy section, and me being out of the fandom for like 6 years now, I have no idea who any of these characters are, but something told me to buy this one. Little did I know, this is Roxanne the Wolf, and 80's glam animatronic????
She's literally perfect and I love her so much!!

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I just purchased a Kreg brand drawer slide jig set so I can put a drawer into my guitar-luthiery workbench straight and true. Been futzing with the drawer slide placement for a few says, finally gave up and bought them. It's not like I'll only use them once. I need to build a new base for my work bench in the garage. Currently the general purpose workbench in the garage is just a chunk of 3/4" plywood, four feet wide by two and one half feet deep on two sawhorses. Not all that stable and no organized tools/parts/etc. storage.


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Monsters are hot. :)
My latest art commission purchases are nsfw. lol
Well there's one that isn't.

It's just a sketch so far. The artist is @UnknownAnimal. :)


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