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your latest purchase ! :3


Just a Horse Trying to Avoid Life's Manure
as someone who has witnessed pure evil in life, Vanessa makes it look tame


Just a Horse Trying to Avoid Life's Manure
some C4 energy drinks, red starburst and cherry


Honey, you should see me in a crown.

This book.

I love Casual Geographic (it's a YouTube channel produced by this guy who knows fun and horrifying things about animals. It's worth watching, he's hilarious.)



A customizable VRChat avatar by Julia Winterpaw. It will be nice to finally play as my fursona.
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Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
Bought FInal Fantasy: Strangers of Paradise a few days ago.

My Blu Ray of Machine Robo: Battle Hackers also just came in recently.

Connor J. Coyote

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Bought some of these ☺ on Amazon recently..... eh, they weren't bad. A little bland taste wise, but they still sufficed in the breakfast pastry department..... (it was less than $ 5 for it). While they look good online - in person, they were tinyer than they looked I discovered.... (got about four bites out of each one).