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Your 'One More Go' game


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I have an NES/ SNES combo...I wish I could afford the actual systems...

NES/SNES have the best games, and honestly, you're not missing much.


Tetris, when I start playing it I just can't stop.


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When I start playing Tales of Symphonia, you won't see me before I beat it 3-4 times. I freakin' know it by heart... the sequel sucked as most sequels do, though.
The sequel isn't a bad game. It's just not as good as Tales of Symphonia.
Also, considering it was a low budget spinoff game, I thought they did a great job with it.

Also, if you think the NES had the best games out there, you need to take your nostalgia goggles off.


It seems to be Dante's Inferno. I completed it and I was trying to play it over on a bit higher difficulty and with the previous bought abilities, just to see how they look like.
I already found the 3 Beatrice shards, and I can automatically absolve, wee! I'll see if I get all the silver coins.


Lately it's been Insurgency, a free source mod. I always find myself playing one more round because it's so addicting to fill your enemies with lead and watch them ragdoll lifelessly in that game. 8D

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morrowind elder scrolls or nightcaster

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Cold Winter. Despite ordinary bullets almost gibbing people, and the really cheap music in the "Qatarra" levels, it's really fun.


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Oblivion and Forza 3. Occasionally the AI kicks my ass, and I rage for a while. Then I drink a juice box, put on my big boy pants, and retaliate in kind.


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Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. I musta beaten that game billions of times. Or fallout 3, clocked 174 hours on it now.


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I think I've beaten Fable 2 three times since I bought it two weeks ago... I need X-Box live so I can get the DLC.


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NES/SNES have the best games, and honestly, you're not missing much.
I like the nostalgia of having the actual systems..because they were some of the first I grew up playing...Super Mario World and Mario Brothers...


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Killing Floor. Nothing more frustrating then surviving an improbable scenario with low ammo and a friend with a katana just to be killed by a fucking crawler while you heal... Yep.

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Hm, let's see...

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition
Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Mirror's Edge
Medieval: Total War


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Diablo 2 LoD ~ come back to it at least once a year it seems 7w7

Elder Scrolls Oblivion ~ play for hours n accomplish nothing towards story V:

Final Fantasy 9 ~ Best rpg ever

Megaman 2 ~ Metalman and Wily stage 1 music....nough said ;T
In most played over
Final Fantasy IX ( best game I ever played )
Sonic Chronicles ( Addicted, beat it the first time in 2 days )
Bowser's Inside Story ( Who doesn't love that game )