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Your Opinion on Churches


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I wanna start a church sometime so I can pass that collection plate around, and then, spend it on booze, comic books and butt-plugs, and whatever else I want. I tried other way of makin' a living, maybe I need to give this one a go.

Hallam Werebrock

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I like this beast in Bristol, England. 19th Century Gothic Revival with mid-20th Century Brutalism:



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I was raised going to church as a kid. It was fun, kinda, until I slowly started realizing how what they taught, which is in my opinion, was a bunch of shit. This was through personal experimentation, all the chaos in the world, nothing being answered, etc. Anything that happens in world that is good, to call it a miracle belittles the actual process of what happened.

I was told when I was younger that god had something for me in my destiny, given I only had a 5% chance to live from a C-section. To say that means the Doctor has nothing to do with saving my life at all. It wasn't god that saved me, it was the professionals that saved me.

Also, I'm gay.

I REALLY like dicks...


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My family's Christian, so I went to church while growing up. I kinda grew away from it though, and ended up fitting in better with pagan practices (which my family was NOT happy about).

I don't mind religion/churches/etc. As long as people don't hurt others (or themselves), I think they should be able to do and believe in what they want. :D