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I'm not sure if this topic legitimate to post here, but for moderators feel free to move this to somewhere else.

I wanted to see if the furry fandom have any interest in these characters. I'm considering getting at least a plush from the theme park. Even through I'm not currently living in Japan, I'm using a site that can help me buy one.

bandainamco-am.co.jp: ストーリー・キャラクター | ナンジャタウン

The theme park is Namco Namja Town. Characters from left to right are Najave, Najammy, and Mojavu below. I maybe incorrect for some of the names. My favorite is Mojavu, which he seems to be a bad guy, my husbando potential, and I'm considering getting a plush of him.


Just let me know if you like it or not, especially for the designs. Thanks!


The whimsical clown
I think the 3rd one is the coolest. The googles look neat.


Yee to the haw
This is one of those instances where they should've remained 2D.

Otherwise you might end up with this: