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(Base/YCH) Selling: Your own 3D Model of your (equine) character in feral form! ($350 USD)


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$350 USD plus postage (approx. $40 - will be more if wings are added etc)

Model pictured is the model I have in hand, ready to customize for you - if you want to see more angles of the model, see here: https://www.identifyyourbreyer.com/.....ify/latigo.htm

Included in base price:
- The model itself
- General prep of model (Air hole moved from mouth to between legs | Sanding of all seams | Carving out of ears)
- Model primed (this helps to prolong the life of the new paint work)
- Gender change (model is currently a gelding --> will sculpt in full 'boy bits' to make a stallion, or remove sheath and sculpt teats | tail currently covers the back so no re-sculpting needed)
- Painting of model
- Sealant used on the model to help protect the paint work
- Eyes & inside of nostril glossed (NSFW bits can pieces can be glossed also if requested)
- Belly signed by myself as the artist

Extra's you can add to the base price:
- NSFW aspect to genitals (Enlarged teats | Excited 'boy bits' etc.) - $20
- Mane re-sculpted (Remove current mane/forelock and sculpt new set) - $30-50 (note me to discuss complexity - please note: long wavey manes not attached to the neck will need wire support and will take me longer to complete, and make the model heavier)
- Tail re-sculpted (Change to lion/unicorn/other animal tail) - $30-50 (note me to discuss complexity - please note: tail will be wire reinforced for support, but thinner tails will naturally be at higher risk of breakage)
- Wings added - $120 (please note: this will increase the postage cost due to a bigger box been needed)
- If you have any other requests not listed here, please note me to discuss (e.g. unicorn, antlers etc.)

Previous work:
Paintwork on a resin model (sculpted by another artist)

Paintwork on a resin model (sculpted by another artist)

Paintwork on a Breyer model (mane re-sculpted into braids by myself)

Breyer model re-sculpting work (mane, tail re-sculpted and legs moved)

(this is what the original model looked like:

Breyer model re-sculpting work (mane, tail re-sculpted and legs moved)

(this is what the original model looked like:

Payment & Time frame:
- This model will take between 2-3 months to complete depending on any extra's that are requested (e.g. if wings are ordered, I will order them from the USA and will need an extra 2-4 weeks to allow them to arrive). I will however, be in constant contact with you giving you updates as I work on the model, so you will see many WIP photos!
- Payment is via Paypal only.
- Prices are listed in $USD
- Shipping is around $40+ due to shipping from New Zealand (sadly, this is usually the price to ship to Australia too ::this makes no sense!::) - but I will quote you actual shipping price when the model is ready
- Yes, I will take time payments at a minimum of $100 a month; the model will not be shipped out until paid in full and postage has been paid. If you default on payments, I will send reminders and if after 6 weeks have passed with no payment (unless prior agreement to a payment schedule change has been made) then the model will be sold elsewhere to cover my own costs.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I wanted to cover everything! Any questions, please note me! Or you can email me at: dreammerchantdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com

If you would like to commission a model like this, but with a different base model, please note me to discuss.