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Your phones, oldest to current

So for a long time now I've been thinking on and off about what kind of phone I should look into getting next, and if anyone would ask me the current phone market is honestly boring as hell and there's nothing special looking for one today as they're all the mostly the same(With a few exceptions).

That made me think back on some of my old phones I used to have, what made them so great, or what made them less great. I thought it would be fun to share and list your phones, oldest to newest and see what we all have been rockin' over the years.

Took some digging to find them all for me as I didn't remember the full name, but here's my list c:!

Ericsson T28s

Alcatel QT 311

Motorola V980

Samsung E370
(Loved this phone, and it actually survived going through laundry! Though keypad only worked for a day after, then other buttons died)

Nokia 6288

Nokia 6220 Classic

Sony Xperia mini pro

Huawei P8 Lite
Also nostalgia struck me hard finding uploaded videos of various tunes, alarms and startup sounds for various phones. That's one great thing looking through all this stuff again. Guess I did this more as a reminder to myself, but I'd warmly recommend using a thread like this for a blast to the past.

Ra'ara Su'nai

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I got an old dumb phone from my grandpa when I was in high school(it could do nothing but call. Was older even than a flip phone) First phone I got for myself was an iPhone 5s, and a few months ago, I upgraded to the iPhone 8 and gave my wiped iPhone 5 to my little cousin. I don't upgrade often.


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I've had two phones:

1) A brick Nokia bought in 2006, still functional, similar to this but gray:


2) A Samsumg Galaxy J7 Prime, acquired in 2017 and my current partner for portable internet, photos, messaging and job stuff:



wig snatcher
Verizon Jukebox Phone (2009 - 2011)

HTC Phone (Not sure which model, but it had a keyboard so..) (2011 - 2014)

iPhone 5C (2014 - 2015)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (2015 - 2018)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Current)
First two were a Nokia and Motorola flip phone but I have no idea what models they were.
The next two were different Blackberrys, again no idea the models.
Then I moved an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, and I currently have an iPhone 6.

Deleted member 82554

First smartphone.
First Android phone.
Current most used phones.


i had a solid non-smart phone first, which i cannot for the life of me remember the make. after that, i got my first smartphone, the htc wildfire. they were such neat little phones... then i moved onto samsung, and ended up going from the S3 mini, which eventually broke, onto the S4 mini, eventually upgrading to the S5 mini which broke and finally, I currently have a decently new S7.

i mostly just stuck with samsung out of familiarity, but i'm probably going to move onto a different company if my s7 gives out. i don't really have much of an interest in newer samsung phones or their prices. i had my eye on huawei but with the recent issues, i guess i'll just have to wait and see.


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Well, I guess this would be my first phone (and me at the time), in a pic, taken in my room, first year of college: Got it an an antique mall, and loved it. Very heavy, and the headset had a great feel to it:


...then, after college, I moved to Baltimore, and soon after, got a cordless phone, when this one got staticky sounding. It had an answering machine, with a smol cassette.

After that, I had a job in the wine business, so the place I worked for paid for a cell phone, and I had a few kinda chunky Nokias, with little antennas:

They looked like this:


After that, I had some or other flip phone for many, many years, and have only had a smart phone for about 2 and a half years; it is some kinda cheap Samsung, and other than wishing it had a bigger screen, does the stuff I'd expect. I mean, it's a phone; I'm not expecting it to give me an orgasm, and wash the dishes, or anything.

I wanna get a pulse-generator, so I can hook up my old rotary phone to a land-line again, just for fun; also, I wanna smart phone with a bigger screen, but can't see paying more than $200, tops.


first cell was a Nokia 2215 (shorty). circa 2006-2009

The most indestructible phone ever constructed. Capable of running several days without recharging. A device of a more civilized age.

Second was some form of flip phone. 2009-2011
third was a pcd venture (garbage)
fourth was an LG optimus prime. ?
LG Volt
LG Stylo 2
LG K30


I've had a fair share amount of phones so far:

Motorola Milestone 3

TracFone LG Flip-phone

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S8+ (my current one)


Here To Stay It Seems!
Hmm Well My Phone History is pretty straight Forward. My First Phone was a iPhone 5s my freshmen year in highschool. Then my second phone was a iPhone SE And my Current Phone : Which I Adore rn : Is the iPhone XR


Lady of the lake
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3510i
Sony Ericsson V600
Samsung SGH-F480i
LG Optimus Speed
Motorla Moto G Gen1
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia XZ
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Still in use as second device)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Current main phone)

Between the Nokia 3510i and the Sony Ericsson V600 I used the Motorola E1000 for a short time. A pretty chunky phone with decent specs for the time.
We (I was like 14 or so at the time XD) had to return it three times though... For the menu navigation it had a joystick that didn't work well at all and mine broke after a few days. The replacement unit had dust inside the camera and the second replacement had a faulty joystick out of the box...
So we returned it and I got the V600 instead which felt like a downgrade but my dad didn't want to spend much on a phone :c

Oh also, I guess from that list you can tell at which point I got a decent job! XD


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Wow, this definitely brings back some memories!

1. LG EnV3
2. Droid Razr Maxx
3. Samsung Galaxy S5
4. LG G4
5. Google Pixel

I absolutely loved the Droid Razr Maxx as my first smartphone, it was amazing at the time!
My current phone, the Google Pixel, I've had since the end of 2016, and I absolutely love it! Haven't had any major issues with it yet and still runs everything I need it to!


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My grandparents' first phone:
Then came a collection of Nokia phones, iPhones, etc. All our phones are too much to count now.


1. iPhone 5

2. Samsung Core Prime

3. Motorola Z Droid Play

4. Motorola Z³

I've really enjoyed Motorola. So much better than either Samsung or Apple. The many high-quality modules is a very unique feature that Motorola pulls off very well.


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Nokia 6086
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
iPhone 5s
Samsung Galaxy S8+


iPhone 6s with a smashed screen

That's the only actual phone I've ever had lol. Before that I was using an iPhone 3, but it had no cell service and basically acted as an iPod.

Update: Finally got a new phone. But it's just an iPhone 7 lol
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My phone family got bigger today, my new Galaxy Note 10+ arrived :)
Loving it so far!


My first cell phone was a Motorola V3. Then I switched to a Samsung Galaxy SII Lite, my first smartphone (and the performance was bad). Later I bought a Microsoft Lumia 640 DVT (Windows Phone was divine <3). After Windows Phone died, I was forced to buy an Asus Zenfone Max Shot 4GB / 64GB and I love it.
First phone i got was a iPhone 2G
2nd phone was a iPhone 5s
and a iPhone 6s plus
and now a iPhone 8