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Your phones, oldest to current


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I owned a motorola up until a few years ago, when the price of 'smart phones' became less than the price of a phone with buttons.

Now I have a Pixi.



Samsung, don't know the name, I only knew it sucked a lot of ass
A smart phone, zing Ling
A Nokia
And now a Sony xperia l4


LG AX275
Gravity 2
LG G2x
Galaxy S3
BlackBerry Pearl 3G
BlackBerry Curve 3G
Sony Xperia
iPhone 5
iPhone 6
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Z10(I fucking loved this phone!)
And now...
iPhone 8+


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I had an old and pink colored Samsung in 2009 i dont know its model
and then
Samsung S3 mini
iPhone 5s
So for a long time now I've been thinking on and off about what kind of phone I should look into getting next, and if anyone would ask me the current phone market is honestly boring as hell and there's nothing special looking for one today as they're all the mostly the same(With a few exceptions).

That made me think back on some of my old phones I used to have, what made them so great, or what made them less great. I thought it would be fun to share and list your phones, oldest to newest and see what we all have been rockin' over the years.

Took some digging to find them all for me as I didn't remember the full name, but here's my list c:!

Ericsson T28s

Alcatel QT 311

Motorola V980

Samsung E370
(Loved this phone, and it actually survived going through laundry! Though keypad only worked for a day after, then other buttons died)

Nokia 6288

Nokia 6220 Classic

Sony Xperia mini pro

Huawei P8 Lite
Also nostalgia struck me hard finding uploaded videos of various tunes, alarms and startup sounds for various phones. That's one great thing looking through all this stuff again. Guess I did this more as a reminder to myself, but I'd warmly recommend using a thread like this for a blast to the past.
Phone #1: Kyocera Hydro

Phone #2: Samsung Galaxy s2

Phone #3: Old ZTE free phone (still have it)

Phone #4: Samsung Note 4 (current phone, love that thing)


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Phone #4: Samsung Note 4 (current phone, love that thing)

I think it is pretty sad that I am sitting here, wondering what you can even do with a Note 4 at this point.
That phone isn't even *that* old, it was released in September of 2014.

It is really sad that these phones are basically built to be replaceable. Mainly through a lack of support...

By contrast, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were also released in September 2014. They received their final software update in September 2019 (and one final FINAL update in December 2019). So up until then you could basically use your phone just like any new iPhone, except for some hardware dependant features.
I don't like iPhones but stuff like this is why I understand that most people still buy them.


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Everyone's gonna laugh, but by choice here are my phones in order:

-Samsung SGH-A997M flip-phone.
-That's it, still carry it to this day.

Love the feel, small size, nothing to hack, hardware focused on phone calling ability so it makes good calls, has text...it's all I needed so no reason in my life to change up. <giggle>


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Oldest: Pac-Bell wall mounted rotary phone from 1954.

Current: 2004 Moto Razr flip phone.


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*looks 3 years back at my previous post*
Still have my Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime...
aww that's pretty nice friend!
it's a real amazing achievement to keep a phone that long :3
I can barely keep up at THAT rhythm friend! lol

myself I don't remember them all

all I can remember is that firstly I had toy plegable phones
like the ones which played this song:
(finding out what the blurbrlubu they said and which song was being played on was one of the greatest moments ever uwu)

-then finally I had a small phone on which I could "compose" music in, was a movistar one... but I don't know the brand
/the blackberry (which was actually red :V) one wasn't mine but my dad's but I liked to play with it
/the home phones which were like potatoes growing out the dirt ones, and wall specific ones were also there

.....time skip.....
then I completely recall these ones:
-Android tablets (those were great, but later they had battery problems and... some broke up on the window)
-Bmobile, my beloved silver phone (which got battery problems) which I had along the:
-Motorola, the black phone.... R-I-P... I miss it (I had both When I joined pvp a year ago :3
then I got a new
-motorola which I've been using since preeetty recently but also got battery problems so... I have to use forcedly a: /until these problems are solved out ^^º
-ZTE one, with a bad camera, but it's way bigger than any of the other ones which is cool! hehe (I can see discord now bigger! owo)


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I have had 4.

2010 A shitty flip phone, can't remember the brand. The battery pack didn't wanna stay in and fell into an unreachable place in an apartment I used to live in. They didn't make those anymore so I was forced to upgrade.

2012 A nokia that you had to slide up in order to use it.

2014 A moto g3 and

2021 A moto something or other that's a newer model. The g3 was deteriorating and just lasted long enough to get me this one.


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app i still have all of them
will takw a bit to get them in one place
I have only one phone, my first one, it is Samsung Galaxy Young 2, but I really want to shift to something older, like Nokia Xpress 5300. I have a strong disgust to modern phones as they are huge and have way too much of unnecessary stuff. Like, I need the phone for calls, SMS and music, I don't want a dozen of useless programs.


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*slides LG flip lite into pocket, tries to look innocent* (picture a flip phone about the size of an extra large chimkin egg, only, not even 1/2 as thick)


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Nice Try, FBI

I don't remember all the models I've had by heart, but I remember the brands:

Siemens > Nokia > Huawei > Xiaomi and I'm going to stop getting chinese phones from now on. Maybe back to Nokia again.


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1. phone
2. phone
3. phone


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My phones and how they broke
1. samsung gt-i5510m

2. Samsung galaxy s3 (sudden death mother board syndrome victim

3. Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 (wrecked charge port)

4. Samsung galaxy grand prime (weak battery and loose charge port)

5. Samsung galaxy s7 (still fine but horrible screen burn)

6/current. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra