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Your Preferred Apparel

What do you like to wear?

  • Minimal clothes (revealing tops and pants, speedos, bikinis, etc.)

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Maximus B. Panda

The Red Menace
What do you prefer to wear? Answers are not limited to the poll, but fursuits do NOT count.

My typical everyday wear is usually long clothes, even if it's hot. I will usually wear a t-shirt (with graphics/text/plain), an open jacket or a hoodie over that, cargo pants, and combat boots or some nicer casual shoes. Sometimes, I will wear some black finger-less shooter gloves. I wear shades almost all the time because I hate bright light and they look stylish on me. And there is my Red Panda mask, which covers my face to protect my identity and makes me feel empowered.

In water, I prefer to wear either trunks and a t-shirt or a wetsuit. Yes, I still cover up, even when swimming.

I really wish I had some parachute pants and a futuristic looking wristwatch (something that lights up).

My preferred clothing colors are black and gray.

I really like military-styled fashion. I used to wear a trench coat on occasions, but I got tired of people asking if I was going to shoot anyone (It was not funny). I still get looks from people silently judging me, thinking I look like an emo young adult who is a potential mass shooter (my hairstyle doesn't help my case). Screw those people, this is the way I dress, and I like it.


Still trying to draw, slowly
Well, when I'm not dressed in a school uniform (which I hate) I dress for what I plan to do that day, so it depends. If I plan to draw, or do f@ck all, then I'll dress comfortably. This means tshirt, beanie and denim bottoms and so on. If I'm going to the forest, I wear largely the sane except a long sleeved shirt and leather gloves (it's quite thorny there, so I have to push them aside somehow). If I'm planning a photography shoot, I dress really lightly, like shirts and tshirt, so if I have to move quickly, I'm not weighed down. I also wear a baseball cap or a snap back to hold my hair back and keep the sun out of my eyes. And then my school uniform. Which does none of the above. Which does none of the above


Usually, I dress in jeans and either plaid flannels or solid color shirts (not a fan of printed designs). I usually wear an Enclave hoodie over this, though i do on occasion wear a trench coat, though infrequently, for similar reasons to those you stated.


winter jackets and arctic jackets and icelandic sweaters
and flannel pants and jeans


The most squishy of the buns.
Jeans, slacks, sweaters, hoodies, and coats, if it's hot, i'll just roll up my pant legs and sleeves.

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Winter: Cargo pants/Black cargo pants and various tshirts with my favorite fandoms/characters on them or my Steam Powered Giraffe shirt.
Hoodie or Jacket if it's really really cold.
As for feet,I'll switch out between my skate shoes and my new heeled boots I got this year depending on if it's snowing or not.
Steampunk or some other stuff when I can.

Summer: Cargo shorts,and various tank tops with my favorite fandom/characters on it or other cooky designs that I have normally the ones with the lighter fabric that hangs on me nicer and lets me keep cooler.
As for feet,basically my one pair of sandals that I own or my bare feet if the situation allows it.
Then depending on how I'm feeling I'll wear one of my 10 pairs of sunglasses.
Steampunk or some other stuff when I can.

I hate jeans unless I'm wearing them for cosplay.
Denim just feels weird any other time.


My fashion sense is a train wreck like I go from tracksuits to Jean tshirt combos to preppy jumper sets and dresses. I mostly wear collared shirts and layer if I'm leaving the house, if not you will see me in putrid green jogging bottoms and my pink knitted faux fur lined hoodie, the ugliest piece of clothing ever created.


Insanity can be such a beautiful thing.
I'm usually in jeans and a t shirt, pjs when I'm hanging out at home, but I do dresses and the like.


Scottish Fold cat, disabled, and sneezing a lot.
T-shirt and shorts if I'm indoors or sleeping, T-shirt and jeans if I'm outdoors. If it's winter, it's t-shirt, dressing gown and pajama bottoms. I don't often wear jackets, just hoodies and sweaters, though I do have a leather jacket I occasionally wear.

Always wear a green scarf if I'm outside my house in Autumn, Winter and Spring, only season I don't wear it is Summer, but I can easily wear it without overheating (I have a very high heat tolerance).

Have to wear slip-on shoes as I can't tie shoe-laces, and can't bend down easily due to disability. If said disability is being a pain in the ass, I'll have a cane with me around my house/outside.

I wear a lot of dark colours, but that's mostly because I haven't updated my wardrobe since 2005.


Exploring Space
I just wear a plaid flannel shirt. Or whatever it is :/ and some slim fit jeans. Sometimes a long sleeve but usually overshirts are better.


Hare Boi
I wear a Hawaiian shirt, usually blue, an orange bandanna on my neck, jeans, and either cowboy boots or flip flops depending on the weather. If I wanna look nice, red converse. If it's cold, I have a brown bomber jacket and a jean jacket that I inherited with a bunch of Vietnam-era pins on it.


Professional Kuja fangirl
I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, all year long. (With obligatory hoodie/jacket as weather necessitates.) And flip flops, even when it's barely above freezing out. Because... Georgia? I dunno. I wear sneakers if I have to be walking a lot, though. I'm extremely low maintenance (especially when compared to my gf) and tend to only get a few new graphic tees a year and that's it. *shrug*


I like to switch it up. Since I have to wear my navy uniform all the time, when I go out or relax for a night out, I play with different styles from skater to proffesional, usually with bright colors. I so rarely wear anything other than my uni, it's cool to try something new. My fave though? Steampunky vest and tie combo with fingerless gloves.

Maximus B. Panda

The Red Menace
I wear a Hawaiian shirt, usually blue, an orange bandanna on my neck, jeans, and either cowboy boots or flip flops depending on the weather. If I wanna look nice, red converse. If it's cold, I have a brown bomber jacket and a jean jacket that I inherited with a bunch of Vietnam-era pins on it.

A Hawaiian shirt and cowboy boots? Now we're talking!


Well-Known Member
I'm prior military, and mostly very utility-minded, so my usual street clothes pretty often have an Uber passenger or new coworker ask me if I'm I'm cop :p

Cargo pants are my norm, usually khaki or black, and I'm usually wearing a long-sleeved shirt of a darker or neutral color. Heavy duty belt is pretty common too, but I do pick a lighter and thinner one if it's a day where I know I'm going to be doing a lot of walking or such. If it's a hot day I'll go with a short-sleeve polo, but usually one of a darker color again. If I'm not wearing it, I also always keep a good all-weather jacket that's got tons of pockets in the car, just in case the weather gets cold in the evening/morning or if I'm expecting rain. And with keeping potential bad weather in mind or other such stuff to be prepared for, I keep a ball-cap on hand, some light gloves in the jacket, along with two sets of glasses. One set of sunglasses, one set of clear lenses (when the wind picks up in the city, it blows a fuck-ton of dust everywhere, especially where I work. If you've got clear glasses on in the day or night, you're fine. If you don't it's like getting caught in a sandstorm).

Prepardness in mind, most of the time I wear leather boots with composite safety toes, so they're tough, but not heavy as hell. If I know it's going to be a casual day though, and especially if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of driving for Uber or errands, I'll swap those with my Vibrams. You can't beat them as driving shoes. You can get a muuuuuuuch better feel for the pedals when your toes are free.

This strikes me as something of an EDC thread, since clothes are kinda by necessity part of your EDC. So aside from the clothes I'll usually have the following with me, unless I'm going somewhere they're not permitted:

G-Shock solar powered watch, Leatherman Tread multi-tool bracelet, Leatherman Surge multi-tool on my belt, Coast flashlight on my belt, Key-bar with my keys and such, wallet, my command challenge coins from when I was in the Navy, Spitfire pepper spray on my belt, Rite-in-the-Rain notepad, Sharpie marker, Nite-Ize write anywhere pen, and a zippo lighter.


I prefer to wear a black dress shirt, some skinny jeans and black shoes or sneakers. I also have a school shooter leather jacket that keeps me warm.

However, Hoodies, T-Shirts and running shoes are everyday apparel.

Fucking hate track jackets, though.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I tend to dress very whimsically, with lots of bright colors, and lots of vintage (or vintage looking) clothing from the 1960s-1980s. Loads of silly t-shirts, and lots of shirts with very bright, bratty looking stripes. I'm pretty small/thin, so a boys XL fits me better than a men's small, in shirts.

What else? I love those 1980s nylon parachute pants, with all the pockets that arevery close fitting...I have a number of those. Kinda cold in the winter, though.

Oh, and I have soon vintage snowmobile suits, Polaris, Arctic Cat, and also, some moon-boots that I wear in the winter.

Around the house, I wear my footie Pajamas with the skulls, when its cool out, and tend to just wear shorts in the summer because Baltimore in July has a climate like the planet Venus, give or take.

I have a whole-body latex puppy suit I wear, when I'm feeling kinky, though it takes a lot of time to put it on, but it does remind me I tend to like from fitting stuff best.

I was thinking, I don't have any fancy clothes, not a single pair of dress shoes...I mainly wear my 80s era Tigers or Pumas, and try to match the colors with my outfits, sometimes. Here and again, I'll grow my hair out, and pretend to be one of the Ramones.

Arcturus Maple

Enigmatic Anomaly
I'd never really noticed it before, but yeah, I do tend to wear shorts and short-sleeved tees even in winter, and it gets pretty cold here.

Of course, that's just how I normally dress. In my favorite outfits, I'm entirely covered, even my face.


My preferences are a cross between long and short. I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt, or a solid color polo, and Vans. Shorts can be nice when the weather is hot, or when I'm exercising, but they're not allowed where I work per the office dress code.


I don't even know, holy shit. I like solid colors with as few logos as possible (unless it fucking rocks a solid look and goes well with the whole ensemble), but mostly, my apparel tends to go with what's practical for the weather while also giving me a solid outlet for my style. I like summer and spring because that's when I usually break the colorful outfits out, but I would say I prefer winter-wear because I think it just looks cooler.

Preferred though.....definitely nothing at all. If I'm alone, I'm not wearing clothes. Take me back a few years, I'd probably recoil at this idea, but now I've just gotten comfortable enough with myself to be really comfortable lounging around in private with nothing on.

..............I dunno if that's a bit TMI, but I guess I can be comfortable with a lot.