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Your recommended MMO?


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Personally, I'm a fan of both World of Warcraft and EVE. WoW lends itself nicely to my casual playstyle and hardcore gaming swings, though I got bored once I hit 70 due to lack of solo content (I like grouping with friends, but only Kelvin and I were 70 at the time in the guild). EVE also piques my interest, for the sheer fact that there is no structure to it, and I love doing math (No, really, I do!). If you want a traditional fantasy MMO, WoW definitely has its perks, though Everquest 2 may be a good alternative if you're a hardcore player. If you like Sci-fi and don't mind the metagame work you'll be doing for it, EVE is worth the subscription fee.


Well, its not quad-post really, since all the contents of the posts are different. Unless you mean 'four different posts at the same time'.

Edit is generally your friend.

I'm have a -thing- with EVE (aside from the point, click and it destroys everything -for you-. I like when you actually have to do something to complete a task in any video game) and WoW was never able to hold my attention past level 23. It's essentially just the same task played over and over again.


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I've played WoW, GW, and a handful of little MMO's, but by far my favorite to date is Requiem. It's violent though, like.. you attack something and limbs go flying off of it; you take enough damage and you become a bloody mess. It's pretty graphics heavy, but I think it's worth it :3

Yeah, but the skill system is kinda fucked up... The goriness of the game is awesome though.

Go play Runescape


RuneScape is mega-fail, even with the new graphics patch.


Re: Your recommanded MMO?

@Emil: Because the people who love Runescape won't stop talking about it.

I will try Guild Wars 2 when it comes out. It will be F2P in some one have to buy the original game 1st.

I have no friends who play MMO, so mostly just tough luck with PUGs, which can range from splendid performance to adding douchebags to ignore list

Totally agree here, I'll certainly give GW2 a go. And I understand your pain with PuGs. I've had many from both categories. Still, a good clan can solve that problem.


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Played a fair amount of them in the past - Everquest, Everquest 2, Final Fantasy XI, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, Vanguard, D&D Online, Planet Side, Warcraft...hell, I know there are more but I'm not gonna waste time and remember 'em.

Point is, as much as some people seem to hate it, I'm playing Age of Conan right now. Solo'd my way to level 54 so far, and I've had a pretty good time. It's much more violent than the others, which is a plus (I hate cartoony stuff), and the new setting is appealing to me. The graphics are top notch as far as MMO's are concerned, and I think that in time the game will become even better. Like any MMO, it will take time to iron out all the 'wrinkles', but that's a given. The staff behind the game seem to be more mature and professional about it, and that is good to see.

Yep, I reccomend giving it a shot.


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Ultima Online is ftw. Economies are retarded now cause you can't merely LOSE your equipment. It's all so special. Some special stuff is okay (and if you add in a system like EVE's insurance then no worry). Still, being able to PK at will outside of towns was a good thing.