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Your Relation to Your Fursona


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I like dogs.


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Mine is actually quite complicated because I have two fursonas. There's The Black Dragon who represents me as I am today and there's Ambrose who represents my ideal version of myself. Ambrose is my character representation in a story (still in my head) and the story is "me" growing up with a few events turning out differently in my life and through the story up to the end Ambrose slowly becomes Black Dragon which is me as I am. Black Dragon (who is me in "reality") is the one telling the story of "himself" (Ambrose). I'll usually stick with BD for doing anything character-wise outside of the main storyline.

Told you it was complicated :)


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My Fursona has not appeared yet. However, he represents my darker nature because in reality, I am probably too nice for my own damn good.

So in essence he is (or rather is soon to be) an evil arrogant individual, but still with a sense of fair play. That I would not change about myself.

So, I guess I am in the idealism group. :D


My inner fursona (As I prephere to call it^^) is basicly things that I like in the animal world. I like dogs and cats mostly so hence he is a Fox/Lion/Tiger mix. I doubt he will ever be a full costume off me since he is to much myself to be fun to have as a furrsuit, but youd never know.


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Well my Wolf did represent my Swedish side. But I love the fox and I have passion for dogs


My fursona is something I wanted to bring to life a long time ago, a yellow fox character. Ever since I was a child, I had this yellow fox in my head that I would doodle on paper at times and even in high school. Now that I improved my drawing ability, I finally brought him to life and he is now my fursona.

Few things we have in common;
-We both like wearing hoodies
-We both like to wear gloves
-We both like to be silly sometimes
-We both like coffee

However, he is also a much more free spirit; as in, he doesn't wear pants (also doesn't like them period) and likes to show off his bum =D
Plus he's more flirty X3

Another thing, where we both have common things we like, we also have common dislikes but I won't share those >:3

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just something that makes for good avatars.


My characters are split parts of my personality. The one most like me is called sarukai

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I really don't share physical qualities with tigers, but it's their behavior I am like. I'm fairly small and skinny, no muscles at all pretty much. But I'm active at night, I tend to be solitary, I enjoy swimming, I pace a lot. Plus I just all-around love them deeply.


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Like many have said before me, it's just an anthro version of myself.
For ages I've struggled with choosing between a mouse and a squirrel, and only recently have I decided that HEY, I'd just go with both. c:

I thought about a fox for ages, but when it all came down to it, I knew the little rodents fit me as a person more closely.


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It is a character, nothing more.


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I relate to my fursona spot on, but not in the physical appearance.


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My 'sona is very much what I would like to be sometimes. Incapable of emotion, remorse, or shame; deadpan stoic, asexual, and with a great fashion sense. Barring the lack of a great fashion sense, I am none of the above. Typically, I am the last moron laughing after everyone else shuts up.


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Mine's a bit of a god-modded mary-sue version of myself and I'm not ashamed to admit this or give a shit. He's the way I almost wish to be, and also the darker side of my personality. Half the time bored and laid back, half the time sadistic with a delight in destruction and death. He smokes heavily, he drinks heavily, he has a huge temper problem, and he goes scorched earth and blows the shit out of anyone who pisses him off. He also enjoys tormenting and torturing the wicked before he kills them, IF he decides not to let them live with their mental scars. He has super speed and strength, can fly, and commands high level dark and elemental powers, which he would use to destroy the idiots and tyrants of the world and the armies they command.