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Your 'Sona Inspirations


Snake awakens
Tell us about the characters and creators who, however consciously, contributed to your fursona.

Grant's back story is completely and unabashedly Lovecraftian in design. With all of the unspeakable horrors, other-dimensional gems, and descent into madness.


I didn't realize it at first, but Grant is really inspired by The Metal Fetishist from Tetsuo: The Iron Man. The Fetishist really toes the line between 'sensuality' and 'perverse antagonism.' And his powers just kind of consume the main character which I like a lot. Grant's dark humor and the creative ways he uses his powers are inspired by Freddy Kreuger. Then his general evilness and perversity is inspired by Pinhead.

His voice comes directly from me I.E He talks essentially the same way I do.


I like horror.

So lets hear yours!


The Last of Us.

The cyan stripes around the lower jaw started off based on a scar irl i have, the white under the eyes is because irl mine are usually dark through lack of sleep. Chest markings and cyan neck markings were sorta inspired by the visor lights on Dead Space and some Halo helmets. The white index, middle finger and thumb are based on the suit designs from Tron, which from all the cyan, you can sorta guess is a favorite inspiration of mine. Oh and white wrist bands were inspired from Mordecai from Regular show, thought they looked snazzy. The rest of the markings i just made up myself, i chose grey and white half because i cant pick a favorite colour so i settled with grey, and half cause its more naturalistic to wolves.

Maelstrom Eyre

Ahmoua Wolf
Interesting question!
My fursona's personality is a bit headstrong - a bit like the leading roles in Jane Austen novels. A bit like Clara from Lonesome Dove also. A bit like Stands With a Fist from the movie Dance with Wolves.

Still a lady, still polite and gentle and hospitable but she recognizes when someone is taking her for granted and she will not hesitate to call them out for being lazy. Life experience and hardships have made her a little too practical to get swept up in romantic fantasies or believing in "the One" or "true love." She may flirt and joke but she is not easily won over by flattery and pick-up lines. Like Clara, she was made independent by necessity. She speaks her mind without sugar-coating things.


Zoots Root
(My fursona is the link in the sig)

the personalty, likes/dislikes, the clothing style, were based off my preference for these things, although they are slightly exaggerated in Ivan.
I though of the backstory after some hard thinking, I wanted mine to have a uncommon backstory. I noticed that there isn't a whole lot of soldier furs, let alone ones that fought for Serbia in the Kosovo War. And that's why Ivan is a Kosovo war vet.


Scout Fox

My furry self, I haven't named her particularly because she's my digital image, self. So she goes by any name I go, mostly JavaLeen

She's a kitsune, a japanese demon fox who can shapeshift to different forms (feral, furry, kemonomimi, human) and has a very flirty personality (such as myself when feeling comfortable around ppl). She's green because this was my favorite color at the time of creation and has a pink-glass blue monocle generally decorated with a little heart so that she can see a bit of beauty in anything at any time. When having human hair she also has 2 colored hair strands: one purple and one pink that represent my secondary favorite colors back then (considering changing the pink with yellow nowadays because my taste changed a bit but I'm not sure I really want to XD)... and that's about it... oh, and her human hair is long because so is mine. I also prefer her kemonomimi version and you will get to see that one far more often than this feral.

I guess I could say her main inspiration is my 'anime fan-heritage' and myself...

Maybe one day I'll get myself a separate sona, but right now it's just me and this green fox (also my pony-sona but I'm not sure that one has any room here XD )
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Ok well I don't really have an image of my fursona but his name is Axle. Took me so long to come up with that. But he has some traits as me some I wish I had. But he's fun loving, caring Wolfsky that loves to have a great time and dance. He loves meeting new people always energetic ready to go out and do something. He's a cute pup. He loves nature and being in that moment. He's always there by your side when you need him. He's a very positive pup too. Inspiration? Hell who needs that. Haha I'm joking. But ilmy inspiration for this character is that my favorite mammal is a wolf because they are majestic and they mostly in woods and mountains and that's my favorite place to be. He is also a husky too because they are such cute anime animals and I wanted him to be as cute as possible because I love cute anthro animals. XD


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Not really much backstory behind mine as I see him as a characterization of myself. Husky, eyes with heterochromia irids (two eye colours, one aqua marine, one emerald green). I was trying to give him hair, but can't draw hair to save my life, hair down to the shoulders, light brown. Fur is a simple white, mask/black fur is a few shades darker on one side with a clear split finishing where the neck connects to the back. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15747792/ (Larger version of my avatar, it's a WIP sketch.


I feel that Ieono's personality is very much like Major Kusanagi's in the Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. universe. Very stand alon-ish and focused, but able to make a quip every now and then. As far as his appearance is concerned, it kind of shifts around a bit because of his natural abilities, which is something that is reminiscent of the Metamorphmagus from Harry Potter, heh. In his younger incarnation, Abe, I designed his personality to really resemble Kara Thrace's from BSG. I wanted him to already have a bit of a broken past before the true "fall" happens, and to already have some of those traits within him even back then.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
She's just me, really, except as a sergal.

Her personality is who I wish I could be.

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
My fursona, Art Vulpine is based on two parts. The first is me and the the second is an amalgamation of cartoon characters that I watched in the 1990s like Tiny Toons Adventures, Animaniacs and Looney Tunes.

My second fursona Spellbound is a black unicorn who is more stoic and strong inspired by more of the action cartoons I watched in the 1990s like Batman the Animated Series, Gargoyles, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Just another Metalhead

His name is Tsawl Layon (Tsaul Laion spoken), which is actually Na'vi and means The Great Black. But he is representing me as anthro, so he could be called Joshi, or my full name Joschka. He's like me sometimes a bit confused and selfish, but he loves to meet new people from all over the world, and loves to just chat and talk ;) He is a lateral thinker and knows exactly what he wants. So thats pretty much it. He is me :D


More Metal Than You !!!
Umm...he's honestly mostly just me...with Dimebag's beard and Jeff Hanneman's hair because I love metal and they're both kinda no longer alive

Kavoniv Kyxev

Samurai Ranger, Leafcutter
In reality there are myriad of things that led up to my fursona. (My pic is not my fursona, it is a picture of my Skyrim character). Really as of now I don't have an adequate way for you to see what my fursona is but I can do plenty of explanation. To begin with, he is a Kasunciet (Northern Vulpine/ Feline or for those who are lazy Fox/Cat) more specifically a Kyveloz (Silver fox/ Eurasian Lynx). As for the reason he is of this species is due to the fact I primarily was caught between strength and endurance of the lynx but I also wanted the cleverness and deftness of the fox. Neither did I like entirely how each species looked even with them being an anthropomorphic character. So is settled for a "hybrid" as you may call, however, I will use the excuse of a distant relative to both. Besides the species the character lives in a world that is ravaged by chronic warfare similar to Japan and the countries of Scandinavia. Thus, using certain characteristics of warriors of those times and places such as the Samurai and the Vikings, I came up with rather interesting character. Primarily, he holds a closer similarity to the Samurai but has the logical idea of fighting on rough land as did the Vikings. Besides that the rest of his story is very much my own besides the fact he eventually becomes a Ronin which again has its relevance to the Japanese society of warriors.


Thrashing About
This thread. I dig.

My 'sona was more or less forced upon me by friends because of my constant use of dragon avatars over the years. They couldn't picture me any other way, so I went off that note and made my 'sona a dragon. I had never thought out a personality for the character, though I eventually settled on using my own extreme moodswings as a base.

His origin story was actually a Monster Hunter colosseum fanfic I was writing years before I had created my 'sona (a captured Rathalos befriends many monsters in the arena but is ultimately forced to kill them off to ensure his own escape). I scrapped the majority of that story but still kept bits and pieces for convenience. I borrowed heavily from Gladiator for the story, but I've added more to it since the creation of my 'sona. Now it's a mixture of prison escape, space western, and steampunk instead of the setting being flat-out Monster Hunter.

Oros, the Avenger was a big inspiration for the design. He also happens to be my favorite dragon and falls under my favorite colors in Magic: The Gathering - red, white, and black. In Magic, the colors can represent ideals; at the roots, red represents fury and chaos, white represents order and protection, and black represents death and decay. Oros was never given an official story and personality, but you can piece together what exactly goes on through his head thanks to the brilliance of WotC's color pie. I used these colors and my own personality to shape my 'sona's.

The name was easy. I took a few elemental quizzes and I got Earth every time, so I simply took "tierra" (Spanish for "earth"), and mashed it together with Oros to get Terros.
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4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
My sona is basically me as I am with people I'm comfortable with, but with some life style tweaks and things. Her habitat changes depending on contexts too, on tumblr posts she lives in the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ape village as an OC. But some aspects of her, like childhood background and name is inspired by a real little bonobo I know in the zoo I work in. Her name is of course Lopori, I love that kid to bits, and thus stole her name. xD She reminds me of a younger version of me anyway.


I'm all 'bout that basset
Whereas many people go down the whole wish fulfillment route, Chelle is actually an amalgamation of my negative features. It's one way for me to celebrate things I don't normally like about myself.


Snake awakens
Whereas many people go down the whole wish fulfillment route, Chelle is actually an amalgamation of my negative features. It's one way for me to celebrate things I don't normally like about myself.
That's what I like to see instead of 'My fursona's pretty much me! But with a perfect body, and glowing personality, and great job.'


More Metal Than You !!!
That's what I like to see instead of 'My fursona's pretty much me! But with a perfect body, and glowing personality, and great job.'

But mine is me to the "T"...right down to the alcoholism and bipolar depression D:


Airship explorer
I never had any real inspiration, though I thought Falco was pretty neat as a kid and got me into the furry stuff in the first place. I also thought airship pirates were cool, so I made him one, because I could. His personality are all from previous rp characters I had, with my favorite of their personalities hacked out and glued to his like some type of Frankenstein's monster of personalities struck with a bolt of my own.


Taste purple
Design: I used to have weeaboo avatars until I decided to go back and play SC4 once more and found that I was very attached toward Lizzy.


After that, I played for awhile on 12tailsonline and loved the Chameleon there.


So Enfys actually started off as a fan art for Chameleon but the people there were a huge bitch on how I drew him. (Horn placement changed and neck is much shorter) so I was like "Fuck yall" and went and slowly shaped Enfys into what he is now borrowing and referencing all the part I like from multiple characters and games after I quit 12tails.

I was also in a group that often spout stuffs like "Uke, Seme, Bottom, Receiver" for fun and he got all the receiving end of it so I make sure he looks feminine as possible to be the uke although once in awhile, he insists that he's the seme just like some random people in that chat group of mine.

Backstory: He was but a fan fic char I self-insert into a bunch of game to fuck around with the char I like. The limitation slowly caused me to start creating my own set of OCs as the "Dimension Traveling Police" to control where he pops up. (The backstory is that he travels from one game to another to deal with other dimension traveler as well trying to alter the main plot.)

Realizing it's just a fanfic, I decided to just leave all of those behind and create my own world for him in it where I also nerfed the shit out of him and created all the other chars in it out of his removed traits. For some reason, I felt like for him to be really complete, he needs to suffer and even die at the end so when I played through Elder Scroll online, the part where the Argonians give their life to restore nature to the world really clicked into it so I threw that in for his race in general. Everything about him is now based on the world "trap". Not only is he there to force some people think he's a she, he also appears to always be smiling and cheerful to hide the fact that there' a dark storm incoming.

Personality: Just taking my asshattery to the next level.


eh mine is just me, a little exaggerated for the sake of cartoony fun. that goes for both personality and looks, save for the whole "it's an alligator" part; that's just because i have always liked and identified with alligators, ever since i was a kid. :[ i am afraid i don't have an interesting story.


#1 Most Requested Croconaw
You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration! You bring feeling to my life, you're the inspiration! Want to have you near me, I want to have you hear me saying; "No one needs you more than I need you"~

Mine's pretty much just me, except as a fox. And a girl. I guess my friend's shapeshifting kitsune character did kind of give me an idea as a potential backstory for why my character can morph into a boy though, which involves an OC kitsune.