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Your sona then vs. your sona now

How much has your sona changed over time?

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Before :

After (with six arms, inspired by the game Asura's Wrath and Ganesha the elephant god of success in Hinduism) :



I've changed my sona A LOT over the years, only to end up here with art of my alternative form for my character.

I won't post his picture here but my linoone was literally from a Pokerole campaign that never came off the ground. While my other character is whatever my fancy is.


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I've sorta kept the same design, just messed with it a bunch!
Here is original Saber (I could never decide upon canine or feline so I made them vaguely both):
Saber Reference.JPG
Saber T-Pose.png

Then, first version of cheetah/snake Saber:

And current cheetah/snake Saber:

(snake tail is just something I messed with)
As you can see, I'm too lazy to pick a new color palette or name every time I redesign them :3

I've actually repurposed old Saber into a new character for my comic named Atlas:


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Mine hasn't changed too heavily, so much as it has filled out and aged with me over the years as I went from teenager to 30-something adult.



Does creating new sonas every day for a long time count as massive changes? Or just my current one's changes? If it's my current one then i'd say very slight changes!