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Your State's Signature Food

So I was wondering what is your states signature food that sets you out from others.

I am from New Jersey and we have a food that goes by at least two names. It goes by Pork Roll and Taylor Ham. I can only describe it as a thinly cut piece of salty bacon with a texture to it. It has gotten to a point that its being exported out of states. Apparently a place in Florida has it and it sells out like nothing else.

So I introduced mine so what is your everyone?


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Barbecue. No seriously, no other state does barbecue as well as texans. If you think your state does barbecue better then you have never tasted texan barbecue before. It's like sex with chocolate and bacon for your mouth.


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in the south it really depends on if you are black or white, i personally like soul food that you cant find a white person cooking, these women that work in hole in the wall kitchens can make the best damn food from local shit, in alabama its cornbread, fried squash/okra, fried chicken and green beans- not just any green beans but cooked like this: http://eclecticepicurean.com/Pictures/Vegetables/Southern Green Beans.jpg and yes there is ham in there
I only like cold cheese when I'm drinking or when I'm in the mood for it. It more of a texture thing.


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We put french fries into other foods, especially salads and lunch meat sandwiches.


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England has a lot of its own food, but fish and chips is the most recognised internationally I think. Also I'd love to try a murrican barbecue again.

ITT: OP discovers that the Faffernet isn't only made up of those in the states.


What CannonFodder said. The barbecue, especially at the proper places, is absolutely phenomenal. There are a ton of barbecue places in Texas. I had quite honestly forgotten just how many Mexican and barbecue places there are here.

Back up in Maryland, it clearly had to be the crab cakes. I love seafood, and the crab cakes there were simply amazing. It is something I will miss.
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I don't know about PA as a whole (Pittsburgh and Philly are far apart and very different), but Pittsburgh has two distinct food venues:
Primanti bros. sandwiches. Coleslaw, fries, and everything else you can think of stuffed in a giant sandwich.
The Original Hot Dog Shop. Best hot dogs I've ever had and their fries were ranked top 5 in the country by yahoo.
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New York City pizza. We defiantly have other things too but pizza is the most important thing you need to know about.


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i dunno, ribs?
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Rheinish sauerbraten. Which is disgusting.

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Damn it this thread is making me hungry.

OT i guess one from the UK is crumpets