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Your Vehicle


I was wondering what everyone drove. So here is a thread for your vehicles.

So what do you drive? What quirks or damage do you have on your car? Did you cause it or did it come that way? If you could fix any one thing on your vehicle or change something about it what would it be? And last but not least, what is your dream vehicle?

I drive a '01 Black Ford Taurus. My driver door's automatic lock is broken so I have to open the door with the key (which I don't mind.) My check engine light is always on because my gas gauge also doesn't work. I have to pay attention to my odometer because of this. (Which I also don't mind. I figured out, from experience, exactly how many miles I can go before I need to gas up. So when I get within 40 miles or so from that limit I gas up; I like knowing exactly how many miles I have before I need to do so. On the negative side, I always have to gas all the way up if I get gas or else I can't keep track of what's in my tank.)

I have a little missing paint on my front bumper because someone hit me in a fast food restaurant. Luckily all they took was paint.

If I could get one thing fixed about my car (I'm not sure if this counts) but I would pick a spare key. I only have one and I don't have 100 bucks to spend on a new one. I get really panicky if I ever lose track of it and I would like to be able to relax a little. Plus it is just a smart idea to have a least two keys.

My dream car is probably an Audi TT. Cause they are pretty. XD (Even though they are sports cars and unpractical and can be cut in half when getting in a fight with a tree.) Maybe I wouldn't want to own one but I would like to at least drive one someday.


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I have a 1996 Ford Escort that is Royal Blue in color.

About the only thing messed up is two dents in the back bumper where I backed into my father's truck. <_< Didn't really do any damage save for bending his front plate and leave the two dents in the bumper.

Hmm. I guess I would change my radio to a CD player. (I have a cassette player.)

Mmf. I would love to have a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air <3 I just love the way it looks.


'99 Chevy Malibu (shut uuuuuuup).

Dent near the passenger side door, bumper seems... loose, I should probably get that checked and yeah, I lack a CD player.

And damn Casino Royale got me into super expensive cars. I would love love love to have any type of Aston Martin.


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I am currently driving a '02 Dodge RAM and I will say this right now to get it out of the way fuck you I love the thing I don't care if the company sux.

Ahem, anyway, I have always said that any real car gets less than 20mpg and my truck holds true to this by getting 16 on average. It costs me about 20 dollars in gas to go to school every day so it is a little on the expensive side but who cares.

There are some nicks and dents from my early attempts at parking in a those tight apartment parking-space-pole-things that I am none to proud of. Happily, though, one day I saw that my neighbor had gouged a huge section out of his Titan so I felt much better about my small bumps.

Anyway, it was used for offroading extensively before I got it so it has no shortage of bushwhacking scratches. Most of the damage is cosmetic, but there is a slight leak in the radiator cap so I need to fill it up with water every few months or so. I could fix it for cheap but it isn't enough of a problem to bug me so I don't.

Newer models have more horsepower and better gas millage, so if I could fix one thing it would be to put a newer, larger engine in it. I feel small and petite next to other, manlier trucks. :\

As far as a dream car is concerned, truth be told, the truck is close. If it was constructed to a higher quality I would take that over any sports car for actual day-to-day driving, but as far as stock cars are concerned it would either be a Cadillac STS or Escalade. As amazing as it may seem I am not all that into those European dots darting across the road.
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Currently, I am driving an '07 Ford Focus. Soon that will be a car of the past as I am in the process of getting three different cars an '91 Cadillac Hearse, a '59 Ford Edsel, and an '84 Cadillac Seville


There are some nicks and dents from my early attempts at parking
lol You just reminded me of a scratch along the side of my car I made while failing at getting out of a parking spot. My car decided it needed to get close and personal with a hedge. XD The mark is only noticeable if you know where to look, luckily for me.


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My vehicle is a Magnas bike in this purple color. I can't wait to get a car. >.<
Silver '01 Ford F-150 XLT (the pimp-outed package + tow package, fully loaded), but I'm selling it off for an '01 or '99 Chevy Silverado.


1996 Ford f-150 extended cab long bed pick-em-up

This thing is awsome, it has a big ding under the passanger door handle where the lawnmower shot a rock into it then it was almost brand new [damn john deere] Its locks automatically lock when you close the door and the key for the door dosent work, so to get in you have to crawl through the back window, over the seats.

Other than that it runs like a dream, its great on gas, for its size and age and has duel tanks so when you fill it up your wallet crys bloody murder.

I added a 12 disk changer to it and a cooler to the back that always has somekinda beer in and it has a set of deer antilers in the bed [my uncle does highway patrol and got them off road kill]

My truck is my joke, a city girl drivin a redneck mans truck =p


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So I can't exactly have a lowrider, not that I'd want one.

I drive a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I don't have any real problems out of it most of the time.

Its got all time 4 wheel drive, so yeah it drinks gas like 15mpg.

No real exterior damage, except for the 3" scratches on the rear bumper, where the police rearended me. Thats ok my hitch tore half his front bumper off, when he tried to seperate them.

It had a small transmission problem which I recently had to fix. (cooling lines less than $50 and about 3 hours work)

Radio don't work but. I don't care, for some reason people feel the need to talk when I drive, so I don't need the hassle of turning it up and down all the time.

I'd love to have either a Chevy Avalanche, or a '65 Ford Falcon with an inline 6, and NOs package. I've drove the latter and no matter what was tried we couldn't blow the motor.


I drive a beat up 1993 Chevy Cavalier. Rust all along the bottom and a bra on the hood. It's CLASSY! lol


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2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan - the color is called "Butane" according to the manufacturer but it sometimes looks silver, and sometimes looks like a pale green. It's got a scratch on the top of the bumper where the bumper meets the trunk, and it's got approximately 75,000 miles (120,000 km) accumulated from driving it everywhere.

As far as Dream Cars go... I'd like any Corvette that was not made during the eighties to mid-90's
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I have a Black 1970 Sears 3-speed Bicycle. It's in pretty good shape, so nothing really needs fixing. I am hoping to switch to 26" MTB wheels so I can use studded tires for the winter though.


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I have a grey city bike but i have bought my uncle old blue sunfire 1995

Seem in pretty good Shape for a car i have bought 500 $


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Right now I'm driving an old ass Lincoln Pimpmobile, 1993. It sucks really bad, drinks lots of oil, and is dying one mile at a time, visible before my eyes. My dream car is probably a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, with the doors off it, and a decent lift kit. Barring that, it's the car I bought and is sitting at home due to the incredible slowness of the government to process anything. 2009 Jeep Patriot, a few bells and whistles, but just a solid little car.


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1994 Mistubishi Colt 1.4-ZR hatchback
I got it back from my friend last week fully resprayed in Championship-White.
97,756miles on the clock, and still runs fine.

Only major problem since i bought it for 600 euro a couple months back, the head-gasket was warped, so needed that replaced at 200euro.

Things ive done to it:
Engine service
HKS Cold-air intake system
Skunk2 Hoses
HKS 2.5in Downpipe
Carbon-lip where the rear spoiler was
Set of Volk-TE37 15in wheels
Blaupunkt kit: 3 subs, 1 amp and a head unit.

All in all its cost me 2000euro or there abouts.
But i love it. its a real drivers car now, you can feel everything its doing and push it right to the limit on a Track-Day.


2009 Honda Civic si

someone dented it the other day i fucking BAWWWWWWWWWWEd in the parking lot.


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A 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback that went through the absolute worst storm New Mexico has seen in 100 years, a surprise hailstorm that caused so much damage that the governor declared it a disaster area the next day. My Subie survived being pummeled for most of an hour by hailstones ranging in size from oranges to grapefruits. (The estimated impact velocity was 100 per or 160 klicks.) Stones were still the size of golf balls fully three hours after the sun came back out.

Despite this, the Subie sustained only broken glass, broken bits of plastic, and a dimpled roof and hood as lasting damage. And she's still running great. (Subies are like that.)


Either a 2005 sapphire blue Eddie Bauer Explorer (loaded) or a gloss-black 2005 Escape Limted (also loaded) . The kits have nicknamed the Escape, "The Black Pearl." :D No complaints really.

I've owned Vettes, Jeeps (CJ's, YJ's and Cherokees), a Mark VI Lincoln and during the tech-crash, Sonata's. I miss the first two, but for hauling family, the Ford SUV's rock.

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Gold 2000 Hyundai Accent. The car was fixed up by the automotive class at my vocational school after being donated to the school. I won it by being a very lucky student with 100% attendance. That was about three years ago. I got my learner's permit last week. lol.


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I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally. It's silver in color and its my baby! I bought it in cash from the old owner, so I'm one of the very few young adults who actually owns their car.

There's a small dent (maybe nickel sized) on the right side, but it came that way. The old owner called it a lucky dent, as she had never gotten in an accident while it was there.

I wish I could have an mp3 player so I could just play my iPod instead of making a bunch of CDs. But I'm happy that I at least have a CD player. I also wish that the headlights came on automatically, but that's just because I'm lazy. :p

My dream car is a Volvo XC90. It'll be luxury, but I can also drive it into the mountains and use it more practically here in Colorado. My little racer isn't good for anything other than going fast, haha!