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You're a new Rainbow Six operator. Tell us about yourself.



To those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, basically in this game called Rainbow Six: Siege there's this fictional counter-terrorism task force, Team Rainbow, whose operators are recruited from the most renowned elite units in the world such as SAS, SWAT, Spetsnaz, GSG9 and so forth.

All of these operators come with a one word codename (example: Smoke), a short background story and a unique special ability/gadget (example: Smoke can deploy remotely detonated toxic gas charges) as well as a primary weapon (rifles, PDWs, shotguns, ballistic shields), a sidearm (pistols, SMGs) and misc gear (grenades, flash grenades, C4 charges, deployable shields, barbed wire). Operators also have an armor rating upon which depends their moving speed (light armor = fast, medium armor = medium, heavy armor = slow)

TL; DR: The purpose of this game is to make your own operator. Use any character of your choosing, be it a fresh new character or even better your own 'sona! You may build whatever you like so long as you please keep realism in mind, yes? So no fantasy nor sci-fi are allowed with the exception of light sci-fi (like in James Bond, Mission Impossible or Kingsman). Your own operator must be grounded in a way that themselves and their equipment could exist irl.
When describing your operator you can include as many or as few details as you want, the only bare minimum requirements are their codename and special ability/gadget.

Imma start things off with yours truly uvu

Real name: Amiir ''Mir'' White
Codename: Mule
Background: Prior service in the Col Moschin, Italy's equivalent of the Delta Force. While capable, Mule is pretty lazy. He feels particularly satisfied when he gets as much done with the least amount of energy and effort possible. This enlightening philosophy is what brought him to accept to test a new, experimental exoskeleton for an undisclosed armaments corporation. Mule's never been seen without it on the battlefield ever since.
Special ability: Mule is equipped with a prototype military exoskeleton (general reference pic below), greatly increasing his carrying capacity and allowing him to wear additional armor. All his teammates, upon interacting with him, benefit from additional ammo (+1 extra mag per weapon) and misc gear (+1 for each they have in their inventory). Mule can also transport wounded teammates, quickly bringing them out of harm's way. His exoskeleton makes him even slower than heavy-rated operators, it's noisy and vulnerable to EMP blasts which will immobilize it for a few moments.
Armor rating: super heavy
Role: defensive
Primary weapon: AA-12


Immagine an exoskeleton along these lines but only for the legs and torso. Arms are free.


Make me bow down before the alpha-ness of your operator lads, cheers


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Back story: he is part of the sas and the ica, born in dundee and has spent his life hacking an inventing and ending the evil in the world for the good of all life on earth he spent a bit of time on DNA modification but it ended in a horrible change, he is able to take the form of other operators with the help of some of alibi' technology and vigils cloaking device, he barely shows his face and barely talks, but that's what you expect from a guy with multiple personality order and looks like a arctic wolf nobody knows about his secret though few question the big cylinder on his mouth.
Main: jaeger 300 convert
Secondary: ica19 silverballer
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I miss Rainbow 6 Vegas. Was gutted you could not make your own character in Siege.


Call sign: Skittles

Specialisation: Assault and Rapid deployment

Loadout: Main- 3.2 FN SCAR-H CQC
Secondary- 4.3 Franchi SPAS-12
Sidearm- 1.1 Beretta 92FS
Frag and stun grenades
Medium weight body armour.