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You're the final boss of an RPG! What is your theme song?

Yonell flow

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All the lights dies out as a loud shattering noise is heard plunging the cabaret into darkness, followed by a long and akward silence. A few seconds later, an unatural voice, reverberating within your eardrums query « Are you ready ? »
prepare your controler and your thumbs for one hell of a quick time events filled battle !


I could find a more serious dramatic one...
But this was literally the first thing that popped into my head x3!

Jackpot Raccuki

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Hmm, it was a tough one. But I decided not to go with an over the top theme. The start only makes you think it's going to be intense, of course.

The final boss, but he doesn't have intense music, rather the music is more "joyful".
Not for you of course.

Or rather if you really want a more intense theme, here you go:

It'll fit my character's secret motive, so I guess this is the theme of when you're on track of the good ending, I suppose?



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Well as a werewolf it HAS to be a multi-phase final boss fight starting human but shifting more and more to monster as it progresses.

Also as an RPG final boss, it definitely needs a monologue as it shifts through the phases as well <:

"His thoughts were red thoughts and his teeth were white.
His enemies called for peace, but he brought them death.

I am a shepherd to fools,
Causelessly bold or afraid.
They would not abide by my rules.
Yet they will escape. For I stayed."

Real magic.
Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver.
You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.

Shattered walls that had enclosed homes, homes like ours, homes of men, men like us... cathedrals shattered; the loving work of generations of craftsmen demolished like slum tenements...children starving, nothing left of them but bloated bellies and staring eyes... trenches full of dead heroes rotting to high heaven...

My father told me once that the most important thing every man should know is what he would die for.

Our world is passed away
In wantonness o'erthrown.
There is nothing left to-day
But steel and fire and stone.

Though all we knew depart
The old commandments stand:
'In courage keep your heart,
In strength lift up your hand!"

"Comfort, content, delight---
The ages' slow-bought gain---
They shrivelled in a night
Only ourselves remain

This pompous scene
With silver tongue
We sing a song of horror
Begin the song
This timeless song
We'll swim and drown in slaughter

While there is one tall shrine to shake
Or one live man to rend;
For the wrath of the gods behind the gods
Who are weary to make an end

There lives one moment for a man
When the door at his shoulder shakes,
When the taut rope parts under the pull,
And the barest branch is beautiful
One moment, while it breaks.

So rides my soul upon the sea
That drinks the howling ships,
Though in black jest it bows and nods
Under the moon with silver rods,
I know it is roaring at the gods
Waiting the last eclipse . . ."

-Last gasp/Defeat phase-

"A little while ago I thought of this time as forsaken by God.

But... is that not the point of it: is it not Honor to look at a universe in which your God has forsaken you, and still obey as He commands?

What good is fair-weather Honor?

...I understood nothing at all. Not what it meant to wish for a miracle... nor its price.


Hell seeks always the worst ways to torment us, and it was one of the cruelest tricks of Hell...

That demons should be so magnificent.

Can you hear the silence?

It's the good kind of silence, not the silence that listens back.

Hear the silence...

Feel the air..."

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I think, if I had to put myself into an older SNES/Megadrive game.

Totally would be surfing around the screen in a longship throwing acorns and axes at the player before turbo boosting across the map in dash attacks!


Pet foxxo

Clearly I'd be mage style boss, corrupted by my magic and lust for power! Better learny spell rotations and be good at dodging!

Good luck keeping up with my illusions and blinks, too. Will I have to be slain? Or can you save me from myself?
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My second pick:

May the best pet win!

(Also, played over the PA system at the library after we make the 'we're closing' announcement, this clears the place out, FAST.)


Pet foxxo

Not that you peasants could actually defeat a boss like me....
I'll just summon adorable birbs and then you won't dare harm me.or the party. Then we all have tea and plot mutual world domination!


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Hmm... What's a song that's intense, evokes a sense of finality, isn't too dire, and fits someone who relies more on gadgets and allies than brute force?



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Any final boss worth its salt has at least two forms, each with a different boss theme. So...

The first phase would be Tyll'a in his normal anthro caracal form, and the song would likely be the Mob Song from the live action Beauty and the Beast. The second phase would be him transforming into a more feral form, and the song would be Monster by Skillet. The third and final phase would have Tyll'a be completely feral, and I'd choose Out of Hell, again by Skillet, as the theme song.