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Hi, I just got Photoshop, and had made a logo for myself. My gamer tag is cmMudkip, and I wanted a new logo so I decided to go with just the cm. I also love to film so I made a camera and hid a CM in the logo. My friend liked my work, and wanted some YouTube channel art, and offered to pay for some art. His gamer tag is Satah so he went with that. I am also planning on making a gaming youtube channel and went with the name PizzaPuke. I don't know if my work is great but I know is decent and wanted to know if others liked it as well and would be willing to pay for some if they decide to make a YouTube Channel or etc. I could also just make a logo If you want for profile picture as well. If you have other ideas let me know and I can see what I can do.

Pay Via PayPal Only
  • Icon - $5
  • YouTube Banner - $7
  • YouTube Banner and Icon - $10
This art can range from anything. If you already have some art you have received prior I can make it from that.

The Images have been Watermarked for reasons
SKGLogo/Banner, SatahLogo/Banner, and Personal Logo More to Come

SKGWM.png SKGBWM.png SatahLogoWM.png SatahBannerWM.png CM.jpg
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