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YouTube Gaming Channels!?


Niko Linni
Yes that's right. I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one running their own would-be gaming channel on YouTube (or if you're just really good at what you do, Be Gaming Channel? Is Gaming Channel? Let's just go with "Good Gaming Channel). I've recently rebranded my YouTube channel from Niko1Linni to Niko Linni & Friends (I have this obtuse in-character concept for it), adding in new channel art and what not and yeah, it got me wondering if there's any furs out there running their own YT Gaming stuff. It doesn't have to be only Let's Plays, it could be anything, from Lore videos to uploads of gaming music to just the classic silent playthrough. Or, if you don't do channels but know some really awesome YT gaming channels post 'em here! Discuss 'em! Let's hear about it!!

Edit: I should prooooobably add a link to my channel too. Niko Linni & Friends here.
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I have one here. covers strategy games mainly. eu4, vic2, plague inc, factorio, ksp, total war, etc. it isn't exactly "good" but am working on upping the quality of content


I have a channel and I've been running it for a while. As a matter of fact, my 4 year anniversary on YouTube was on Monday..

The link : Subscribe ya fags

I used to do animation before I went to gaming( which is sorta dumb since I record with the dreaded camera). Because of those quality problems, I just step up my commentary remembering to practice my pitches before I start


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The creature hub is my favorite channel although they are a mix of IRL adventures and gaming.
Robbaz is pretty cool if you want to watch a very stereotypical swed play stuf.
Totalbiscuit is very cool for reviews and bashing shitty games faces in.
uberhaxornova does very cool commedy gaming.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
When I was 15, I used to upload Pokemon Emerald Version ROM edits. I began with a couple of tests/mess-abouts of the basic software (map and text editing), and eventually the random ideas I'd pushed together came about as a couple of mini-series. I had an interesting sense of humour back then, but I like the fact that I was trying to be funny and I got quite a lot of laughs out of people around the same age I was.

At the height of things, I was getting pretty popular, I feel that had I continued I could have been incredibly much so. I liked to delve further into the software and mess with the game scripts. I forced scripted Pokemon encounters upon talking to specific people (they would fly in like a bird sometimes), and at one point created a "warp zone" which was a cave with doorways to take you to all of the event Pokemon encounter locations I possibly could. For the couple of months it was uploaded, my most watched video got around 50K views which is still my YouTube record.

Just before things ended I got a school friend in on this to create the main series with. It was basically fan fiction acted out in-game, to the limits of the software, one's ability to use it to change the game without bugging the game out (this, I was not so good at for the more obscure software), and the ability to edit the footage to make it look convincing. I liked to upload a mix of convincing edits and raw footage, because both are just as good in their own way. At one point, I used the overworld sprite editor to make a Shiftry sprite (my favourite Pokemon), and had I continued, I'd have gotten it moving and walking instead of just a front view.

But I stopped a few months after I began, and I miss this hobby terribly. I kept all the videos though aside from a couple which I seem to have lost.

Well that went on a bit longer than I expected >.<
Yahtzee Croshaw from zero punctuation has a channel called Yahtzee19 where he does hour long gameplay videos, I could watch them all day.


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A few YouTube gaming channels I end up watching mindlessly for hours on end: RoosterTeeth's Achievement Hunters, Markiplier, TheRadBrad, and Smosh.


actually in the process of starting one. I have a bunch of footage recorded, but I've not done the editing yet. I'll link once its up.


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I run a youtube gaming account. If you enjoy bad quality, uninspiring topics and just some random irish guy rambling for bits at a time, check out Kinharia ^.^


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I don't like the youtube gaming community (LesBeardly and ProtonJon are okay)

But I'd like to remind everybody that Christian Weston Chandler was the first true let's player with his animal crossing documentary he directed in 2003



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<3 Nova, pretty much the only one I watch from time to time.
dudeee, you MUST watch the creature hub then. It's like his bussiness and he starts in a bunch of stuf there. Some of the videos there man.... hilarious!


I don't like the youtube gaming community (LesBeardly and ProtonJon are okay)

But I'd like to remind everybody that Christian Weston Chandler was the first true let's player with his animal crossing documentary he directed in 2003


Nope. People have been recording themselves playing video games long before that.

For example. This guy:


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I've got my own little channel. I really need to get back on track with this, though I should say, the Halo 2 series is pretty much done. *Somebody* at Bungie didn't think too clearly when designing the Prophet of Regret battle. Oh well.