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Youtube has competition: And its not just vidlii, vimeo and Bitchute


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In addition to those and Vlare, there's also this website that is normally in Persian called www.aparat.com that shows mainly Iranian content as well as unofficial dubs of American and British tv shows and some movies in Persian. Discuss this and any other Youtube competitors and challengers from around world here.


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Don’t remind me of how Iran could bathe my country in a sea of fire any day now.

Other than that, I don’t think anything can beat YouTube. It’s millions of hours of content you won’t find elsewhere.

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Youtube is unrivalled now, it has a community. People that have built up a following and it is very reliable of a source now. Nothing can compare to it now and for a long time, if not forever really.

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Youtube is too big and well known to have any real competition. My parents for example have no clue what those other sites are but they sure as hell know what youtube is.