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Yukina - an Artist Shout out!


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A friendly shout out to my friend's Sister Yukina Namagaki. She's a very sweet artist with a high work ethic (albeit with a slight language barrier). She works with SheilaGrace to translate things, so you may feel a little intimidated but I promise it's worth the wait.

I've known both of these artists for years and they're the definition of hardworking and non-judgmental. One of my favorite pieces by them is this one for Isiltharos but her fan art of Krystal is also eye catching.

Please keep in mind that Japanese laws prohibit selling fan art so you will need to request original characters only.

They do a lot of cute anime-style artwork so if you're wanting something of that style for a cheap price (prices range from as low as $20.00 or as high as $160.00 for a full body piece with a complicated bg --- which is very cheap for their level of skill imo). If you like their art but can't afford to commission them please comment on their work or +watch her if it's not too much of a burden. She'd really appreciate the kindness. <3