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(Commission) Selling: Yuu's Chibi and MS Paint commissions! | $5-$27 | ✧ OPEN ✧


Culinary Mistake



It's fine if you don't wish to read this, it's just explaining why I have a goal set atop this thread.​
Hello, I'm Yuu, and I'm in bit of a bind here. My laptop has been acting up since June of 2018, when a Windows update was interrupted by my cat tearing into the room and knocking my laptop's charger out of the socket. I had been waiting on a new battery at the time as the original bloated, so my laptop had shut off immediately and it took 5 hours to start back up again. It's been like this ever since, problems popping in and leaving as soon as they appear, at a point it only ran on safe mode for a month as it would immediately freeze and make a terrible screeching/elongated beeping sound whenever it started normally and another instance where my Wacom tablet's functions refused to be recognized for a bit. The latter is why you'll find quite a few pieces of MS Paint art in this thread from that period.

I've been trying to save money, but it's difficult due to my current living situation and I've been barred from getting a real job by my Father who has taken $300 worth of funds I had saved without asking as well with the footnote that he'd pay me back or divvy up the price for a new laptop between the two of us at a later date. He's been promising me this for a year now since my laptop has broken and he hasn't come through and it doesn't look like he's going to anytime soon. The internet and my laptop is my only means of income and communication with my friends and support network that I cherish deeply as I weather through these constant rough patches I keep finding myself in. There is more that stacks into this current predicament, but I'd rather not make this anymore winded as it already is. Feel free to PM me if you wish to know more. My current goal is to find and purchase a laptop that's around $800, the inflation in my country for imported electronics is terribly high which only adds to my frustrations, but I want to get something that will last so I don't end up in another situation like this. If anyone could help me out by even sharing my info with others it, would be greatly appreciated. If my art is not your cup of tea, I'm also currently reselling characters here.

Wills and Won'ts
*Feel free to make an inquiry about anything not listed!

Will Draw

  • Humanoids
  • Anthros
  • Quads
  • Ferals
  • Ponies

Won't Draw
  • NSFW
  • Fetishes
  • Mecha
  • Avians*
  • Reptiles*
    • *I'm not confident in drawing these subjects, but I'm willing to try!
  • Offensive subjects and symbols
  • Multiple individuals in a piece.*
    • *Tentative, varies case to case. Feel free to make an inquiry, but please note the added character will accost an addtional price of a second piece without discount.

Ordering and Slots
Payment is USD only and will be taken through PayPal via invoice with partial payment enabled. Half upfront and half when I'm finished.

Please message me with a completed form with the details!

(your username)
Commission Type: (any of the listed commission types)
Lineart Color: (only applicable to sketches. feel free to include a hex number if you wish.)
Character Reference(s): (visual references only. i will not take written descriptions.)
Extra Details: (such as expression, pose, and other specific details if applicable.)
Amount Due: (amount due for my own reference and yours.)
Paypal Email: (so i can send an invoice to you. if you are uncomfortable with having it out in the open, feel free to pm it to me)

*username | date ordered | paid or unpaid | complete payment or not | phase
  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN

Prices and Styles
*Additional character to be included in a piece are at a non-discounted additional price as character interactions are difficult for me.

Sketch: $6

*Commissions will be much neater. Can be done in either Paint or CSP.
Minis: $3 to $5
*Still looking for a permanent price range for this.


Glossy: $6
*Ponies and other quadrupeds only. Sorry!

Refined Paint Chibi: $16


Crayon Paint Chibi: $27
*Made in MS Paint! Please be patient with me when it comes to these.

Other Styles: ???
*Please inquire about a quote on any of these styles if interested! Some of these need to be viewed in a new tab for full-size.
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