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Well for starters Im a skunk and no i do not smell i am about 6.4 black with red stripes a 70s style haircut a few ear pirceings and orange eyes always wearing tight jeans or nothing at all mesh shirt with a white leather jacket always unziped big foofy tail. digi grade legs half human half paw hands

Well Fruit i Love Fruit cant get enough of it mmmm i like pizza and fast food i have a high matabolism so i can handle it with out gaining a pound i have a habbit of chewing my food at least 25 times so i am a slow eater there for i am full when i am full and rarly over eat oh yah and cookies dough ill rool over for it mmmmmm

hmm i am ver lovable and a good friend to have doesnt take kind to people being late and not being somewhere when they said they would. it may seem somtimes that i am very emotionless on the outside but really i am a very emotional guy i just dont go around in public expressing my every feeling if you get to know me and become a close friend you would find out. i love to walk around parks alone and think if ther is a ocean near by ill be there instead. i dont like to get gifts that offten or have other people by me things because it makes me feel bad.

well computers will always be my number one hobbie and most likly job or a cyber caffea mmmm coffie im a hard core game critic ^-^; it anoys some people because i do it all the time so ill end up dissapreaing when other are playing games.