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Name: Zanzer
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf
Height: 5'8
Weight: 124lb
Tail: Long and fluffy ^^

Hair and fur: White! And I have Knee length hair, me likes my hair ^^
Eye color: Brown
Behavior and Personality: Very friendly, likes to make friends with everybody he meets.

Like to wear short, and a open button t-shirt mostly.
It get hot in the summer and having lots of fur makes it hotter.

Ehhh And here is a pic of me
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Totally Gay For Bridget!!
murr, u are a sexy one indeed


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For some reason I haven't posted in this yet.

Gawd apostrophes are so ghey!

Zanzer, that's actually a really cool picture of your fursona =]

I like it!