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[Zelda costume] One month? First suit? First quad? Kill me...


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[Pics Below]

Heya everyone,
So I'm a cosplayer who usually makes armour from foam and worbla, so this is my first fursuit. Not to mention a lot of other firsts. Including:

• First time making a fursuit
• First (of two) Zelda costumes
• First time properly sewing by hand
• First time using a sewing machine
• First time not using a sewing machine because it isn’t an industrial sewing machine, so the fur wouldn’t fit.
• First time hand sewing the entire darn thing!
• Ahem...
• First time making some kind of body padding
• First time making ears, follow me eyes, tail, harnesses etc...
• First time making stilts
• First time making something articular in a costume I.e...the stilts
• First time putting something electrical in said suit (fan and pack)
• First time working on a costume still whilst at the con
• First time actually giving up on a costume the night before the con but deciding I went through too much I am not just gonna waste all that effort!
• This whole thing was pretty much a first!

So yeah, there was a lot of effort put into this costume, and some stories to go with it. Through literal blood, sweat and tears I pulled this off. Starting June 20th, and finishing July 29th. That day was also the last day of the con. I had intended to wear it on the Saturday, but ended up wearing it on Sunday after finishing it that same morning.

For the last week I would be awake until 3am/4am and then up at 7am to keep working, even when at the con. Ended up missing all but the last party, but at least enjoyed myself in the day. I was a very sleepy wolf.

Sadly I could only wear it for an hour as I was unable to freeze my DIY cool vest. Usually there was a shared kitchen with a freezer, but this year the con changed the accommodations. I would have liked to have been able to freeze my packs and stay in longer, but what are you going to do.

People seemed to like the costume, and it was great getting to do a couple cosplay with my girlfriend...And yes, we ship Midna and Link XP.

But anyway! Finishing up my tale. There were some issues with the costume. I won’t list them all, but there is one blatant one you can see. The arm. For some reason one was shorter than the other, and I was too busy. So asked my mother to cut off a piece of fabric and sew it on to the arm. That way they can be the same length, especially as the pvc pipe was exposed between the grey of the arm and the white of the paw. Sadly she did it a little odd, and I ran out of time and grey fur. So~ it is what it is.

There were a few details I ended up having to leave out, but I may add them on still. Such as claws on the feet, a chain to the shackle and dry brushing some paint to the fur. All things I had planned, but couldn’t do. But still, even with all the pain and dropped details, seeing the pics (with many, many more to come) I’m proud of such a first and the efforts I went to...even if far from perfect.

But now over to you guys. What do you think? And any suggestions?...Apart from not trying to do a cosplay in a month. I should add I was working fulltime, had been working on 6 cosplays up to starting work on this, and out of commission for a week between June/July due to surgery. So really, it was a lot-lot less that a month to get this done.

Anyway!! Enough rambling, I tend to do that. If you have questions, thoughts, or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. At the moment I'm in two minds if I'd do a cosplay or fursuit like this again, but I'm glad I at least tried once.

Thanks guys!


My princess haha

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Yup I made Midna's helmet and hair piece too.

You may notice I look a little...wet. it rained. Worst...timing...ever.
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The Midna helmet is mega impressive work. That's a very intricate design and you executed it like you mass produce them for Nintendo. Even has some texture. Very very excellent skills.


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The Midna helmet is mega impressive work. That's a very intricate design and you executed it like you mass produce them for Nintendo. Even has some texture. Very very excellent skills.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the helmet! I also did Zant, but I don't have any pics of him from the con yet haha.

I did the texture with two things. First I usually put several layer of PVA glue on the bare worbla to make it smooth before painting. However once I put the worbla on the EVA foam base of the helmet, I noticed the worbla texture works really well as stone. So, I decided not to put PVA on the worbla.

Then after painting with a grey primer, I used a matt clear cost to seal it. Then I put a layer of black acrylic paint, which I whipped off quickly. That got into the cracks and made it all 'pop'. The a few more layers of clear matt lacker.

One of the few Zant pics I have at the moment.


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You really do get amazingly rich texture in these. They look believably weathered and the proportions check out cleanly.

Thanks a lot, I've always tried my best. My girlfriend helped with the clothing on Zant. She stitched it together, with some painting. I did the more intricate painting and designing, along with all the helmet and shoes.
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